Sunday, August 1, 2010

It's All About Me ~ In Pictures!

Today marks the first day in my birthday month! August, the month of my birth is going to be a celebration of me! I try to make every day a celebration of me but now I'm making it official.

In celebration of me I am going to take a photo of myself every single day for the entire month of August. This is more painful than you'd think for two reasons. First, I take the photos, I'm not in them so being in front of the camera is tough for me. I've never been a fan of having my photo taken, even if it is by me. Second, my camera is in the shop so I have to take these photos with my Coolpix, until I get my Nikon back. It should be interesting to see what I come up with. It should also be interesting to see how long it takes before I chuck this point and shoot across the room. I miss my Nikon!

I'm doing this because A, it could be a fun thing to do. I could involve the kids, which is always nice. B, I have no idea what I'll do this week or how I'll be able to take 31 pictures of myself and wonder if there will be a night or two where I'm up at 11:50 looking in the mirror, wishing I'd washed my hair and cursing myself for this stupid project. C, there really aren't any photos of me. I'd like if my children could pick me out of a lineup and D, I don't see you at your best I see you at your worst and that has served me well. I don't take your photo to make you beautiful. I take your photo to see the real you. Maybe this could work for me as well. It's always fun to get to know yourself better. I already adore me so I would love to find more of me to love!
I foresee some bitching on my part by mid month.


  1. Oh, you will have to link up with my Facing Myself challenge (first saturday of every month self-portrait linky). Love this idea to do a self-portrait everyday, and yes, I have a feeling it's going to be a bit crazy for you.

    Good luck, can't see what you come up with!

  2. you are a brave, brave woman....

    I'm not nearly so good about taking photos of myself. I have gotten better though, since I've found that if I want my children to have ANY photos of me, I'd better hop in front of the lens now and again!

  3. I agree with them you are brave. I take photographs for a living and there are hardly ANY of them of me. This will be good. Imma be brave like you :) LOL