Friday, August 27, 2010

I'm annoyed

I had a crazy busy day and on top of that, something is wrong with my 32 GB SD card so I can't even upload all of the excellent photos I took today of my daughter OR the photo of me for my "It's all about ME ~ In Pictures!"

Colour me annoyed. Hopefully I will figure out what the issue is tomorrow and get my photos off of it. I have no idea whats wrong with it. Figures the good card would be the one to go bad.

Until tomorrow here's a photo of me tormenting my children.


  1. Damn I wish you lived closer to me, I need a photographer to take photos at our soccer games.

    Last year I used my daughters fancy digital one (that cost me $2,000) and I really didnt know what I was doing.

    Some photos were good, some not so good. Hard to get the action shots.

  2. I'm horrible when it comes to taking pics. But, what's really awful is that things break around me- memory cards, cameras, phones, computers. I'm a jinx. I should probably stop typing this before I give you my jinx.