Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Pour Your Heart Out Wednesday ~ I Deserve This

Just yesterday I wrote a post about how kind and sweet my son is. He really is kind and sweet but today Owen did something that I've never seen him do. We were at my friend Angie's house and our kids were playing. I'd allowed Owen to bring two trains and he brought Hiro and Hiro's tender. These are his favorites right now and I should have not allowed him to bring them to another kid's house and next time I won't. But this whole being an ass just to see how far I can push it is kinda new for him and me.

He and Ayden were laying on the floor playing and I don't know if Owen got mad because Ayden was laying across the track or if Ayden made a move for Hiro but Owen reached up and punched him right in the eye! I have to admit that it shocked me a bit because it is the first time Owen has ever done that but I didn't miss a beat and dropped the hammer on his ass immediately. He needs to know that when you hit your friends, there are consequences so that he won't hit his friends or anybody else ever again.
If I'm being honest I have to say that he was a bit of an asshole all morning long. Not just to Ayden but his sister as well. I saw him swish past her and knock her over once or twice but she took it in stride and I wasn't 100% sure he did it on purpose but once I saw the crack in the eye to Ayden, I saw things differently for the rest of the morning. I guess I should be happy that his assholiness has waited so long to surface. He's always been the "gentle" one and seemed to take it more than he dished it out but maybe it's his turn. I'm not condoning what he did and I dropped the hammer when I saw it but if I hadn't been there and someone had told me about it later, I wouldn't have believed it. This may be terrible but that punch makes me feel a little better about sending him back to school. Maybe he can handle himself. Maybe he can stand him ground. Now the trick is to teach him to stand his ground and express him feelings without hitting someone in the eye. That's gonna take some work.
I have no problem with expressing your inner asshole. I'm totally in touch with my own but he needs to do it without his hands.

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