Friday, August 20, 2010

Fawk You Friday

I'd like to say Fawk You to the people who keep up Downs Park. A gigantic hornets nest under the roof of an overlook that you maintain is ridiculous. You know it's there. I'm all about the wilderness and seeing things as they're made but if I have to run with my children while we're looking at the water, that's just crazy. The whole lookout dock thing you've got going is a deathtrap. It would be one thing if I was the only family running but there were three. Take care of that for the love of God.

I'd like to say Fawk You to the annoying passive/aggressive bitch I just had to jack up at Giant. I go to Giant because I want to, not because I have to. I don't hate Safeway because Safeway sucks, I hate a particular Safeway because a particular Safeway sucks. I can drive right past the Giant I go to to go to another Giant or try out a new Safeway so don't act like you're the only game in town. To walk up to me and point out something I'm doing wrong without so much as a "Hello" or "Welcome to Giant" is just annoying. If you think people are stealing stuff at your self checkout lanes, then get rid of them but don't accuse me of stealing something and then go behind me to check my receipt. Questioning me about my milk three times is excessive. When I call you on it at least have the balls to own it instead of making something up. I shouldn't have to call you on it anyway. You should have believed me the first time I told you that I'd already paid for my milk. If you still don't believe me, call the police but GET YOUR HANDS OFF OF MY SHIT!!!!!

And stop saying hi to my kid to defuse the tension. IT AIN'T WORKIN! Backing your ass up is the only thing that will do that! Can't I just buy (steal) my milk in peace?

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  1. Someone accused you of stealing milk? You dairy criminal you! LOL...what a bunch of douche canoes!