Friday, August 13, 2010

Fawk You Friday!

I'd like to say Fawk You to Best Buy for not only not showing up to pick up the huge TV that is now sitting on my deck and for not calling when you didn't show but once I called to see what happened, you tried to reschedule for tomorrow, my 40th Birthday. yeah, I can't think of anyway to spend my 40th birthday other than waiting for your lazy, non calling asses to show up.

I'd like to say Fawk You to Boarders in the Annapolis Mall. If you have children who aren't trained seals and occasionally form thoughts on their own and could possibly wander from your side, they don't give a shit if your kid gets lost in their store so don't go there. It was the first time it ever happened to us and hopefully the last but when I look at you with anguish on my face and you look back at me and say "I can't leave my register," you aren't a diligent worker, you're just an toolbox and an asshole.

I'd like to say Fawk You to Pampered Chef for making a set of knives that are like friggen daggers. I have cut fingernails off and sliced cuticles because these things are so damn sharp. They put the Ginsu to shame!

I'd like to saw Fawk You to Lindsey Lohan's mother for being the worst parent ever. Watching her on being interviewed by Matt Lauer was as entertaining as watching a dog slip into a coma. What is that woman doing on TV? Is she only famous for her train wreck of a daughter? Shit your mouth and except some responsibility for the fact that your daughter is a boozing, pill popping terrible actress. And stop telling me that one of your other kids just graduated from college with honors. Congrats, one slipped out from Casa de Crazy! Her little sister is a mess in the making. Everyone sees that but the head nutjob.
And finally, I'd like to say Fawk You to my 30s. Tomorrow I turn 40 and my 40s are going to make my 30s look like a rest stop. Eat my dust, bitches!

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  1. Great blog! Came across your blog from one of the blog hops, and looking forward to reading more of your stuff. I am now following... feel free to follow back if you like!!!!
    All the best,

  2. Happy 40th you Sexy Beotch!!!!!

    Dina Lohan is a horrible mother...I would argue that with anyone. PERIOD!

    Gonna have to check these pampered chef knives out...for cutting food, not people of course. ;)