Friday, August 6, 2010

Fawk You Friday

This is my first post for Fawk You Friday. A blog called Boobies, Babies and a Blog is hosting it and while my blog is generally Fuck You territory, I thought I'd give Fawk You Friday a try. I'm so easily annoyed these days that figured there's always more to go around. Anyhoo, here goes.

~ I'd like to say Fawk you to the Geek Squad at Best Buy for setting unrealistic expectations. I want my Nikon back and I want it back now. When it DOES come back it better be fixed of you're going to get full Michelle wrath and I can tell you now, that shit ain't pretty!

~ Fawk you to Dell. I've had a few computers from you and the last two have gotten on my damn nerves. Make a computer correctly. That's all you do, how hard is it? Also, speak some form on English when we call. It doesn't make me feel better about you as a company that you outsource all of your jobs to India. Everybody is doing it, I get it but would it kill you to hire a fucking American? I am not a bigot but I want to understand you when I call and not spend twenty minutes waiting for you to gargle the fucking English language. It's just annoying.

~ Fawk you to this weather. I moved from Tennessee for many reasons but the damn humidity is one of them. Every time I get out of my car my glasses fog up so much that I have to stop and clean them, creating streaks. Where is my favorite season? I know I also bitched when you dumped four feet of snow on my house but that was a reasonable complaint. I just want to medium, cool weather. I long to wear shorts and a sweatshirt. Is that so wrong?

~ Fawk you to Days of Our Lives for jumping the shark. Yeah, I know they did that in the 80s and then again when Marlena was possessed but it's so bad right now that I refuse to watch. I'm so tired of Sammy's fake cry and bad acting that watching it makes me want to slit my wrists. I still DVR it and always delete them in sections of fives. It's just gotten so damn tired.

~ Fawk you to my friends for not telling me how much gray I had in my hair. I had it coloured yesterday and was shocked when I actually went looking for it. I know those bitches saw it! I guess it's considered bad manners to tell a 40 year old that she has gray hair but still.

~ Fawk you Goldfish crackers! My son turns into the photo above when he can't have more. Like he didn't already have enough. You can even see the crackers stuck to his teeth in the back. Unrelenting!
~ Fawk you to potty training! I am so over being knee deep in my son's piss, I can't even tell you. I know he's trying and he gets so upset when he can't make it but good god, STOP PISSING ON MY FURNITURE!!!
~ Fawk you to old people who wear their pants up to their chin. When does that shit start? When are you so old that buttoning your pants under your tits seems like the right thing to do? I don't ever want that to happen to me.

The hardest part of this post is remembering to type FAWK everytime.

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  1. LOL!

    There, you feel better now. Right!?

  2. I love this post - do you read FMyLife?

  3. Too funny....I hear you on so many of these points. I wish I would have seen this before I posted my last post. Oh well....FAWK IT!!!! LOL!! Have a great day.

  4. I gave up on Days of Our Lives long ago. Which is sad because I grew up watching it. My great grandmother watched (I think Bo, Hope and Marlena were there even then)

  5. Typing Fuck would be so much easier than Fawk! lol

    Dell has been going downhill for me since they decided to make Inspiron their main line of computers. Inspiron has never been good!

    Cheap Geeks Anonymous

  6. OMG! I delete Days in fives too!!! LMAO..that is so weird...I can't stop watching it predictable as it is. What can I say...So glad you linked up sexy!