Saturday, August 7, 2010

Facing Myself ~ A Monthly Portrait Adventure!

Jess, over at The Old Nichols farm started a new photo challenge this week. It's called "Facing Yourself ~ A Portrait Challenge." The first Saturday of every month, we'll link up and share our photos. I think this will be really fun! It's a monthly self portrait challenge that just happens to fall smack dab in the middle of my 31 days of self portraits. I'm calling it "It's All About ME ~ In Pictures!" In killing two birds with one stone I sat in my backyard and snapped a few photos with my point and shoot. I think this challenge will be a lot more fun once I get my real camera back but for now this has to do and I take comfort in knowing that Point and Shoot cameras aren't as crappy as they once were. I DO have a little control. I make a point a new picture of myself everyday. I don't save them up. So when you see me in one of my self portrait posts or here in this challenge, the picture is brand spankin new!

I've been shooting self portraits since I was in the 5th grade. It was always an assignment in school and I remember hating it when I was young but it's become quite fun. Digital has made it a lot easier. I still have some great B&W ones that I did in high school in my portfolio. When I was in school I remember how I looked being pretty important but that is really the least of my concerns now. I just want it to look like me and be something I'm comfortable with. I can handle not having makeup on and not looking totally great because I'm a SAHM. There are many days that go by where I don't even think about putting makeup on my face so why would I layer it on for a photo? It just wouldn't be real.

So today is the first challenge. I had a late night last night celebrating my upcoming 40th Birthday with some kick ass friends so I wasn't in the putting on makeup or going out of my way to do anything kinda mood. My backyard has nice tree cover and I've taken my kids back there many times to catch the early evening sun sneaking through the trees as it starts to disappear for the night. I've always loved it! It's beautiful and if this weather hold up I might spend a lot of time back there over the next few days.

Facing Myself


  1. Way to show off the new haircut(s)! Your backyard does look lovely, and you've been doing great with your All About Me.

  2. I love it -- the challenge of self portraits and may just join in and make this a regular thing. :) Nice job - great colors -- and cool on the commentary. Cheers to you!
    Here is a link to mine: