Wednesday, July 28, 2010

"Yeah, I Know Her, She Sings Bennie and the Jets"

I have this friend, we'll call her "Stephanie." I met her about 3+ years ago when I joined a Mom's Group after I had my son. This was the first of the many playgroups I joined during that year. Most have fallen by the way side but this one has held strong. I think we had six moms when we first started. Some moved away or quit coming for whatever reason and we even added a couple of new members. I'm not the most inviting person when it comes to new people so new members is hard for me but it seems to be going fine. I really like them all and am happy that we've been able to keep it up. It's getting harder and harder with the kids going into preschool but so far we've worked it out.

So I'm talking to "Stephanie" today about my blog because she follows and she's asking me about the Music I Love posts. She tells me that she's never heard of most of the music. OK, she's a little younger than me but I think every woman should know who Joni Mitchell is. I get not knowing the song River but if you don't know who Joni Mitchell and Joan Baez are, you should totally lose your chick card. Then she says, and this is where it gets funny, "I know who Joni Jett is though because in the movie 21 Dresses, they sing that in the bar, you know, Bennie and the Jets!" I shit you not, she said this. I AM NOT MAKING THAT UP!

Two things:

First: Elton John sings Bennie & the Jets. I mean I see how you could think that's a chick singing because he's such a whinny bitch and would probably play Satan's wedding ceremony if the money was right, (that's pent up anger for another post) but he's a man and Joan Jett is a woman.

Second: Really? Would it kill her to pick up the entertainment section or turn on the friggen radio? I think her musical growth was halted when Dolly Parton wrote 9-5.

"Stephanie" is a big Dolly Parton fan and I get it. I love her too. I'm not knocking it. While I could have lived without Jesus & Gravity, she is a musical genius. She's written thousands and thousands of songs that people don't even know about. Tres talented! Plus I'm from Nashville so I have to represent from time to time. "Stephanie's" husband likes Muse so it's not like her whole family is musically "misguided," it's just her.

Someone once told me that when you graduate from high school you lose any knowledge of what's going on in current music. I think I heard that over fifteen years ago and it really stuck. I'm thankfully more open to new music now than I've ever been. Even though everyone I know who is musically inept is younger than me, I'd feel old if I didn't know what was going on. I mean I don't scan Rolling Stone daily but I listen to the friggen radio!

Anyhoo, the best part of the conversation was when "Stephanie" looked at me and said, "You aren't going to blog about this are you?" Seriously, have we met?


  1. Honestly, I have no words...once I can stop laughing I will get back to you. Make sure to check our blog later on:-).

  2. He's a man in that he's got nuts and bolts but he's a bitch in every other way.