Wednesday, July 7, 2010


A few months ago I pulled a total Michelle and fell UP my basement stairs and bent back the middle finger on my right hand. It hurt like hell but I didn't give it too much attention because to be honest, I didn't have the time for it and I didn't feel like dealing with it. So, I forgot it and dealt with the fact that it was bothering me. I noticed that it felt a little better if I held it close to my pointer finger and let it rest but seriously, that's all the thought I gave it.

A few months down the road and it's started hurting more. It hurts enough so that it is almost impossible to lift a gallon of milk properly. There is also a weird bump near my knuckle so I decided to go see my Dr about it. She sent me for an x-ray last week and today I went to see the Orthopedic Surgeon she referred me to. Seems like a lot of trouble for a tiny finger, but whatever. I went and tried not to bitch too much about the inconvenience of it all. I was really thankful that I was able to get an appointment so fast.

When I first got there, I had to fill out a mountain of paperwork and since I have an injury, they like to make sure it isn't workmans's comp or car accident related. I get it. Most people try to milk that whole system but I'm not doing any of that so I skipped pretty quickly through the paper work. The last page asked me what I did for a living and then asked me to give a list of my duties. I decided this was a good chance to see what kind of sense of humor my Orthopedic surgeon had. It has been my experience that they are usually wet blankets. Under "description of job duties" I listed lifting, pulling and praying. I was pleased when she read it and then laughed so hard that she had to wipe her eyes. I love a doctor who's not a stick in the mud!

After looking at my x-rays and bending my finger enough to make me wince a few times she told me that I had soft tissue damage and perhaps even a small tear. She told me that it needed to rest (so I came home and started typing) and that my best bet was to buddy tape it to my pointer finger. Hummm, sounds familiar. She taped it up, told me it could take up to 6 weeks to heal and that the swelling should go down by then. Six weeks? Six weeks without the use of my middle finger? My middle finger is an integral part of my life! I use it everyday not to mention typing and taking pictures is almost impossible with your fingers taped together. Try it, it's a joke! This is a travesty! I need my middle finger! What am I supposed to do when people piss me off on Route 2? I can survive 6 weeks with my fingers taped together like I can survive 6 weeks with my mouth taped shut. NOT GOING TO HAPPEN! Try making taco pizza with your fingers taped together. THIS WILL NOT STAND!!!

Also, did I seriously just pay a $15 co pay for someone to tape my fingers together? That's the real travesty.

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