Thursday, July 22, 2010

Three Weeks of Music I Love

Music inspires me more than anything and so in celebration of my upcoming 40th Birthday I've decided to post a song I love every day. Most will probably be by women I love and who I think kick ass! I can't promise that everyday will be a woman but I can promise you that the music will be good, which I know is relative but good according to me because here, that's all that matters. It should be interesting because I have absolutely no idea what music I will choose besides this first song and the last one. I will do my best to not pick Madonna every day but it might be tough cause like her or not, she's fierce.

On my actual birthday I will post the song that I've listened to on every single birthday since it came out in 1988. I totally love the song and go out of my way to rarely listen to it all year so it will be special when I hear it on my birthday.

I like the song I chose for today and sing parts of it to my daughter and always have. I can't imagine my daughter would ever take shit off of anyone or feel inferior because she's a woman. This song just helps me remind her of that. I didn't post the actual video because it cuts out a lot of my favorite lyrics. It's Madonna's What it Feels Like For a Girl.

"Strong inside but you don't know it.
Good little girls they never show it.
When you open up your mouth to speak could you be a little weak?"

The answer to that question is NO, not if someone tells you everyday that you're beautiful, strong and worthy of everything you want in life. That's where I come in.

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