Friday, July 30, 2010

Rules For My River ~ Revisited

When my daughter was born I made a list of rules that I wanted her to know. I made them for her scrapbook and then posted them here. As I watched her sleep (like an angel) on the monitor tonight I was reminded of them and pulled them up to see if there were some things I wanted to add, now that I know her better. I came up with a few that I added at the bottom. Tomorrow I'll revisit the rules I made for my son.

Never let anyone else define who you are.

Never allow a man to tell you that you aren't good enough.

Never allow someone to make you feel ashamed of who you are.

Be a leader, not a follower.

Never wait for someone else to do something for you. Do it yourself.

Be proud of who you are and where you come from.

Always tell people that you love them.

Study hard.

Always stand up for what is right.

Always be kind to your brother, he’s sensitive.

Whatever you believe, believe strongly and make no apologies for it.

Listen to your grandparents; they know what they’re talking about.

Sleep late when you can, it doesn’t happen often enough.

Dance even when you know people are looking. You won’t regret it.

Try everything at least once.

Don’t marry a man that isn’t as good as your father.

Go swimming, even if you don’t like how you look in a swimsuit.

Don’t make promises you can’t keep.

Be loyal to your friends.

Never let your parents down, we love you.

Shake things up a bit sometimes, you’ll be better for it.

Drive better than I do.

Don’t be afraid to be different.

Take a lot of pictures

*New Rules*

Keep the attitude. You'll be tough to raise but it will serve you later in life.
Tell your brother everyday that you love him.
Question what you're told. I'll hate it as your mother but you'll be better informed and not easily railroaded if you're paying attention.
You came into the world screaming and you're good at it. Don't be afraid to kick a little ass when the situation calls for it.
Exercise. Genetically you're screwed and you eat like a Mongolian orphan. Be careful.
Never say mean things to your brother. He will always remember them.
You got my spark. Use it in good health.
You are absolutely beautiful and I have a feeling that you always will be. Don't let that go to your head. Get over yourself and mingle with the common folk.
Your brother is sensitive, like his father. Be kind to him, he loves you so much.
Say this to yourself, "He's just not that into me, He's just not that into me" NOW MOVE ON! Don't waste your time on losers. You're too good for that.
Always express yourself like you do now. You'll be healthier for it. Trust me on this.
You are a rockstar and you should never forget it! Shake what ya momma gave ya!


  1. Love it! The whole 'mongolian orphan' comment made LOL! Very funny mommy! :) This list is just what a girls needs. So cool!

  2. This is so sweet! I'm following you now from Follow Me Friday ( just a little late lol) and can't wait to get to know you better :)

  3. Michelle, I love it. Now I want to know Owen's rules. This is great for them when they get older.

  4. Stopping by from the tea party - I love your humor!

  5. That is really sweet. What a great idea to make a list of "hopes" and guide for your children. It inspires me to do the same:)

  6. I think I'll write some rules for my daughters now. I scrapbook for them and stick them in there. What a fabulous idea!

  7. Awwwsome. I have a girl who gave me hell the first 19 years of her life (she turns 20 in 2 weeks). She went off to college in New York City, and I haven't once worried about her because, like you said, although she was tough to raise, it is serving her well now. She can take care of herself.

  8. I love this idea! Not only for kids, but for awesome is it to have these personal rules to live by...great inspiration!!

  9. I love these rules - I wish I'd lived by more of them as I was growing up. :)

  10. Have popped over from Lady Bloggers Society and I like this post! Will pop back to read her brother's rules... I loved the Mongolian orphan bit too -HMx

  11. What a great idea. I love these rules. Do you have pictures of the this as a scrapbook page? I would love to see it. I need to live by some of these rules and would be happy if my daughter followed suit. Happy weekend.