Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Red Dress Club

In my trolling of blogs which I'm doing more and more these days, I came across a site for women who write. It's called The Red Dress Club and in order to be a member you have to submit some work. They asked for a piece of past and current work and I submitted both. Today I was pleased when they excepted me as a member! I'm pretty excited about it!

They have a thing where you can submit your work for critique and on Mondays the other members get to do just that. I submitted work today and while I'm sure it's a little late for tomorrow, I'm excited at the prospect of seeing what others are working on. It will be nice to see what other writers are into.

This is probably the coolest blog I've found lately and I think I'll have fun being a member.


  1. We're so excited you joined and thanks for spreading the word!!

  2. Congrats! Very cool community!

  3. did the rescind the offer of "exception"?

    Hey, your blog looks different than when I first found it...or not, I don't know.

  4. Michelle, while you were trolling blogs, you stopped by ours and left a kind comment for our dear DateClubJane. I, being a moron, somehow managed to lose your comment.

    First, I want you to know that your comment was most definitely NOT rejected. In fact, your visit and your comment are quite welcome and much appreciated.

    Second, if you wouldn't mind reposting, we would love to display your comment (Jane loves loves loves hearing from readers) as well as your blog URL so others can find you.

    Thanks for visiting from the Tea Party. :)

    Happy Mommying!

    The Date Club Ladies