Thursday, July 29, 2010

A Open Letter to Rocky Run

The daily business of running a restaurant really isn't all that difficult. It certainly doesn't take a Rhodes Scholar to whip your servers into shape or hire new ones, make sure food is hot and that your employees are polite but to the people at Rocky Run in Marley Station Mall, these things are a mystery.

I don't ask for much but when NOTHING goes right from the minute you walk in the door, you start to wonder why. Does the server suck? Oh, most definitely but servers suck many places and it doesn't turn a restaurant to shit. This restaurant however, is a gigantic shit hole and you have to look around for the clues as to what is going on.

I asked a few things right off, I'd like water with no bacteria infested lemon that you just dug out of a bucket with your dirty, smoke stained hands, also when I ask you for chocolate milk for my three year old I ask that you just put a little bit of syrup in it because again, he's three and doesn't need to slip into a diabetic coma at the dinner table. That's not too much to ask, right? Apparently it was because you didn't get either of them right. Although because you're an idiot you put the lemon on my husband's soda and then looked at me and said, "I'm sorry, I meant to put that lemon on your water!" Yes of course you did because you're either half deaf or functionally retarded and I'm going with the later.

Because I could read the writing on the wall, I opened up my son's milk to see milk so dark that I thought a Hershey bar had been murdered in there. I mean really, is it really that hard to listen to people when they speak? Also, I sensed a little attitude when I asked you for another milk. Trust me when I tell you that you DO NOT want to fuck with me. I'm many things but your bitch isn't one of them, now shake your ass back to the kitchen and get me some plain milk to dilute this bullshit in a cup you just handed me!

It's at about this point that I start looking around to try to figure out what the hell happened to this place. My husband and I use to come here for salads often and while the service was always a bit lacking, it was OK but now it's just a big ole mess! One thing I noticed is that there was no manager to be found. I was a restaurant manager myself for a chain pretty similar to Rocky Run so I know the drill. You walk through your restaurant from time to time to "manage" things and please don't tell me you were busy in the kitchen because our food sucked. If you're busy in the kitchen, you're busy stealing glassware and huffing cleaner because you ARE NOT busy managing anything back there! I ordered a grilled cheese and mac & cheese for my kids and they came out room temperature at best! Perhaps you could see the annoyance on my face (I wasn't trying to hide it)and asked me if everything was OK. Here's the exchange:

"Is everything OK ma'am?"
"Not really, this food isn't hot."
"Would you like me to get them to make new ones?"
"Not really, I don't think she is going to complain" Truth be told I didn't want to wait 20 more minutes for them to fuck up one of the easiest things in the world to make...again.
"I don't know how that happened."
"Well, the food isn't hot. It wasn't even sitting in a window. It was sitting on the counter. That's how it happened." Just breaking it down since she seemed so unaware.
"Oh, OK, I'll tell someone."

Yeah, you go find that that elusive, nonexistent manager. I knew as soon as you said that that nothing would come of it. Did you really think I thought that worthless sac would stop by my table, seriously? Sometimes restaurants just have a few shitty servers but sometimes restaurants suck because they have poor management and that's the problem here. That place is a free for all and every time we go there the brain cells at the door have to click together and have a pow wow before they seat us. Like they had no idea someone might come in and ask for a table. I see as a hostess how you didn't know that was coming.

Two parting thoughts, your hostesses are almost as worthless as our server. When families walk out the door after "dining" in your restaurant, tell them to open their mouths and speak. It really isn't that much of a leap to expect that out of someone with the easiest job on the fucking planet. Just say "Thank you" or "have a good day." Neither require you to have an IQ over 35 so I think those two should be able to manage. Also, I'm glad that you're so proud that Thursday is "Kids Night," but if you're going to have a kid's night, have kiddie cups that work. I mean really, that's restaurant management 101. It's probably the simplest thing you do after having a chain smoke with the staff and hiding in the kitchen. Buy kiddie cups with lids that fit so when my three year old takes a sip he doesn't get the chocolate death that your idiot server made all over his Thomas the Tank Engine t-shirt!
As we were leaving I told my husband to take a good look around because we won't be wasting our time in that trailer park of a restaurant ever again. Why in God's name would I put my family through that? With unemployment so high you'd think you could hire people who actually want their jobs and might work for them but somebody knows somebody because I can't figure out why you'd hire such an inept group of people. If I hear of someone looking for a job I will send them your way. Your turnover must be incredible. I can only imagine you're always looking for new people. God knows you need a manager!

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  1. LMAO! I know it's not funny...but sounds like the meal from hell!

  2. Let me guess, you won't be going back there any time soon. I don't understand what people don't get about customer service. Is it really that difficult? I think not.

  3. I'm surprised that you made as long as you did and I don't blame you one bit. It costs too much to take your family out to eat now and then to get such poor service, that's crap!
    I love it when I see blogs where the people just tell it like it is.
    Visiting you from Follow me Friday
    Come see me sometime

  4. my daughters are, I've only seen the first movie and am not really a fan, at least not like everyone else in the free world. lol

  5. Hey Michelle.... I'm your newest follower.... thanks for the nice comments on my site.. you're blog is great!
    Yes, I'm in Texas... Central Texas.... about an hour away from Austin. I used to live in Austin and absolutely loved it... but I'm afraid it's not big enought for me and my ex...LOL... anyway.... Yes my bf IS in fact in front of Bella's truck... the sad part is... I didn't get to go!! He went on a family trip to visit some friends in Washington and went. We joked because we were either on the phone talking or texting the whole time and the joke was that I was in his "hand" the whole time. LOL So you see his pic with his phone in his hand in front of Bella's truck... that would be me...LOL.
    I am a huge Twilight Fan and absolutely LOVED the books... did I mention I loved them? LOL The movies were great too but personally I think I only appreciate them because of the books. I think that's something that only true fans can understand. :)
    Anyway, its going to be great getting to know you. Have a great weekend!!