Wednesday, July 21, 2010

My Son Digs Blonds!

My son has always had a thing for blonds. Even when he was very young he would crawl over to a blond chick and just stare are her. It didn't matter if we knew her or not, he had to be near her. I remember at one library story time that he crawled all the way across the room, knocked a kid out of the way to crawl into the lap of a girl with beautiful blond hair.

Today when I was dropping Owen off at school, his teacher from last year (Mrs. Jean) that we loved so much stopped by. I'd talked to her the day before about dropping off his PECS book to help with Owen's potty training. I posted a link at the bottom so I wouldn't have to explain what PECS is but I can tell you that it's been very helpful to Owen.

I saw her at the door and ran to open it so Owen could see her but he hid behind my butt because that's what he does when he's being shy. He buries his head in my ass like it's beneficial for either of us. I wish he wouldn't do that and was a little sad that he wasn't able to speak to Mrs. Jean.

When I picked him up after school, I loaded him up and we went straight to a playdate at our friend Laura's house. One of the moms from our mom's group moved to Hawaii so we get to see her today while she's in town. On the way to Laura's I asked Owen about his day like I always do and while he talks a lot, I don't really get much out of him. I said to him, "wasn't it great to see Mrs. Jean today? She came all the way to your school so she could drop off your PECS book and see you!" He talked a bit about Mrs. Jean and some of the kids from his old class. He went through the list of the kids, "Momma, Where is Antwon? Where is James Jefferson? Where is Caydence?" I answer the same way I always do when he asks me about his friends from last year, "They are home with their moms." I don't know how else to explain friends he won't see anymore to a three year old. I guess I could let him watch Bambi so he'd know sometimes you get screwed in life but I'm trying to hold off on that.
Anyhoo, in the middle of all these questions Owen looks at me and says, "Mrs. Jean is pretty." Oh, OK, that explains everything! He clearly really likes her but acts like someone else's kid when she's around and refuses to speak to her. So funny! Owen is sweet on his teacher! What a cliche! When I asked him if he was crushin on his teacher, I think he blushed! This reminds me of my favorite Van Halen song. Ha!
In the interest of full disclosure, Mrs. Jean IS NOT in this video!


  1. ha ha thats so cute! my son always hang out with any girl, there can be 5 boys at the park and he will find the only girl! Great blog, found you on bloggy moms, glad i clicked~!!

  2. I love the part about hiding his head in your ass! That's the best line I've heard all day! Wish I had thought of it! You're terrific!