Friday, July 16, 2010

My Kid Hates Carnivals

We had a good day today. We got went to a tye dye playgroup at our friend Laura's house. I tye dyed t-shirts for the kids and even a pair of leg warmers and socks for River. I haven't done tye dye since I did some tights in high school so I was up for it. Turns out the squirt bottle method sucks and it's MUCH better when you just dip them. Also, you don't get it everywhere when you do it like that. Who knew?

After that we spent some time in our friend Laura's pool which was crazy awesome because it was like the Sudan outside today. I say "we" but it was just River and myself. Owen chose to stay inside for most of the day with the Thomas the Tank Engine Train table that Max has. Good to know that if we ever go over there again for a pool playdate, he'll be on the island of Sodor while River and I enjoy that crisp cool water.

After dinner we decided to take the kids up the street to the fire department. They're having a carnival and every kid likes a carnival, right? WRONG! My kid hates carnivals! I specifically asked him if he wanted to ride the rides before we bought the tickets and everything was OK while we were in line but as soon as it was our turn to go, don't you know he totally lost his shit? I couldn't believe it. I mean the kid is way over the height limit and we were good to go but he just wasn't having it. Nothing like standing in the blistering heat with your offspring while they bitch about how they are 100% sure they're not getting on the airplane ride!

We ran into one of Owen's best friends and I thought for sure once he saw Alexa on the rides that he'd be more interested in maybe at least riding with her. NOPE! We just stood there under the Africa like sun and watched Alexa enjoy herself. Chris finally took him to get an ice cream. That's something we know he'll like. While he ate the hell out of that ice cream cone we did a loop around the carnival and past the Tilt a Whirl. I remember this ride we because in the 70s, my mother rode that while wearing a spider ring and ripped her polyester pants. Ha! Only in the 70s!
Because Owen refused I rode the Ferris wheel alone with Laura and Alexa. While it was a nice view I have to be honest and say that it made me just a little queasy. I think having kids has ruined some of those things for me. My stomach just isn't what it use to be. At least there was a nice breeze and I could see my family as we went by.
The only thing we were able to get Owen to do was to side the big slide with his dad. He seemed fine on the way up but as you can see, that changed on the way down. Check out the scared shitless look on his face and the death grip. That's almost worth me having to give the tickets we bought away in the parking lot. Almost.


  1. We have the same problem with our Owen. You just told our story from last years experience. We did not even give it a try this year. We keep thinking about going to someplace like Seame place but I don't want to waste the money on a ticket if he will not go on any of the rides.

  2. Hi! Stopping by from LBSTP. Those photos are priceless! your daughter is beautiful!

  3. My older kids love carnivals but my daughter has certain stipulations! LOL
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