Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Music I Love ~ Day VI

The first album I ever bought was Joan Jett and The Blackhearts, I Love Rock N Roll. I think I was in the 5th grade and I skipped lunch all week so I could have Momma drop me off at Port O'Call Records in Harding Mall to get it. That mall isn't even there anymore. Not too upsetting since we called it Hardly a Mall, even then. But I was so proud to have that album which totally rocked if memory serves.

I've always loved Joan Jett. I've said it before and I'll say it again, I have a special place in my heart for any chick that would rather kick you in the throat than hear any bullshit you might unleash. She's fierce. After leaving The Runaways she was certainly the most successful of a relatively successful all girl teenage band. Lita Ford had Kiss Me Deadly but that just wasn't the same.

I haven't seen the Runaways movie yet because I love Joan Jett so much that I hate to think of Kristen Stewart chewing her lip all the way through Joan Jett's life story. That's OK in some of the teen movies she's made. I mean I wanted to melon ball my eyes out while watching Adventureland but I can't allow her to sully Joan Jett for me. It makes since for an 17 year old who is dating a 90+ year old vampire to be so lip chewy but not Joan Jett!

Anyhoo, this song isn't from that first album I bought, it's from Bad Reputation which I think was her second album but I don't feel like Googleing that to make sure. It's a good album but this was the standout for me. I bought her Greatest Hits a few months ago and it's really, really good. Putting the CD in and hearing this song first was a pleasure. It's the first song on the second disc. Cherry Bomb is the very first song. This pleased me as well because I love that song too!

Joan Jett, Do You Want To Touch Me? is a great song from maybe 1982ish. I was 11 or 12 and fell in love with her immediately. Maybe she's why I wear so much black. Who knows?

The video is very dated but I think you get the idea. Also, the recording on the Greatest Hits CD sounds much better. I'm sure it was remastered.


  1. I love this song too, but i REALLY love it from when Beavis & Butthead were watching the video and said "they should put her address on the screen so we can go to her house and touch her"