Monday, July 26, 2010

Music I Love ~ Day V

I'm not an idiot, I know Amy Winehouse is visually appalling. She is like walking heroin, I get that. However she can sing her ass off and not in the same way most seem too. She's clearly different in that her voice is low and rusty and she sings to 50s beats and styling but she's singing about rehab and how she's no good. No shit!

I've seen her perform live (on TV) and she's frightening talented. I was shocked when I saw her live because she sounded so good while looking so bad. I think she actually pulled some cocaine out of her Snookie poof right in the middle of the show. I wish that shocked me as well but it didn't.

I hope she doesn't kill herself before she gets cleaned up. I wonder what she'd sound like it she got her shit together. It would be nice to see her perform sober so he voice would be clean. Also, I have a hard time watching someone sing when all I'm thinking is, "Does she have tracs on her arms and how many sailors did she sleep with this weekend?"

I couldn't decide which song I loved more, Rehab or I'm No Good. I'm leaning towards I'm No Good but because I love the slow beat. You decide for yourself. She ain't no Joni Mitchell, but I can appreciate her even though she's a big ole mess. Also, her knobby knees are just distracting. Maybe if she's stop snorting her lunch and actually eat it but what do I know?

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