Thursday, July 15, 2010

Mama Kat's Writer's Workshop ~ Socks!

I don't move my daughters crib often. It's in the corner of her bedroom so it's not easy to pull out. I wanted something so heavy that nothing would shake it. I saw too many stories when I was pregnant with my first child of kids who hurt themselves in cheap drop down shaking cribs and it scared me shitless! So, it wasn't cheap but we were lucky enough to space our kids out perfectly so they both we able to use it. Owen moved to his big boy bed at 18 months. River is 17 months and nowhere near ready for a big girl bed, which pleases me. One gigantic Stretch Armstrong kid is enough.

We bought the type of crib that goes all the way to the floor. I actually did this on purpose for a few reasons. I liked the look of it and had there been room under her crib it would have turned into what every other empty space in this house has turned into, a place to stack shit.

The only drawback to a crib like this is that if stuff falls behind it, it's there for a while. My daughter has a lot of hair but I make a point of not putting her to bed with hair clips or bands because she might put them in her mouth but occasionally we forget. Thankfully that hasn't been an issue but what has been an issue is where all her damn socks are.

I didn't make the connection between the massive crib and River's missing socks until she dropped her little sock monkey back where I couldn't reach it with the broom so I decided to pull it out so I could retrieve her monkey. When I pulled the crib away from the wall I was shocked at what I saw. Every single missing sock that I'd wondered about for months was behind her crib! I guess I’d never realized that she threw them back there but that wasn’t the only thing she dropped behind her crib over the last few months. If I can remember correctly the numbers, I found 14 hair bands, 2 brushes, umpteen matchbox cars, all five of her Wizard of Oz Beanies that I didn't even realize were missing from her crib, new diapers that she apparently steels from her dresser, 2 spoons that my son must have given her and 27 socks! I had no idea this was all back there or I would have checked more often. Some of these socks had been back there so long that they no longer fit! She looks like such an innocent little angel but clearly she's a klepto!

Needless to say, I move the crib more often and have become more observant about what she can reach when we put her to bed. Not cool River, not cool!

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  1. LOL At least you know where the missing socks go! Your daughter is a cutie.

  2. Ah yes, the black hole behind the crib. I also found one behind the washer & dryer. Glad you found the socks. Great story!

    Stopping by from Mama Kat's!

  3. And I bet the whole time you were cursing the damn dryer gnome for eating her socks!!! Too funny...great post! River is beautiful btw! Looking forward to reading more!

  4. at least you found your missing socks - I think the washer eats ours. I've taken to buying only white of all the same style because any patterned socks are quickly and eternally mateless.

  5. I look forward to summer when we can all switch to sandals and forgo the socks for a few months. So, my daughter hasn't been tossing her socks behind the crib, but she likes to throw anything else in reach behind there, too. I think it is their way of paying us back for buying the huge, unmovable cribs that they will be stuck with for life (as hers turns into a full-size bed, too).

    Thanks for stopping by my blog, I'm now a follower, too.

  6. Visiting from the Tea Social, where do all the missing socks go? Funny how all families have them. Are you the shabby blog too, or is that a sponsor? Stop by for a visit, skin care in the city dot com

  7. So many things lost in that space. What a joy to finally find them!