Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Like the Moon, and the Stars and the Sun ~ Mama Kat's Writer's Workshop

I’m one of those people that colours outside the lines. I don’t tend to do things because that’s the way they “should” be done so when it came time to choose the music for our wedding, I was totally fine with thinking outside the box. I wanted to dance to a song that wasn’t slow and wasn’t sappy. Slow and sappy has been done and I wasn’t interested in rehashing things that had been at every other wedding I’d attended. Some might say that getting married itself has been done so I knew some things would have to be similar to the way others had done them but I wanted to do what I could to make things different.

My choice for our wedding song was “Instant Karma” by John Lennon. It’s always been one of my favorite songs. I thought it would be perfect in setting the tone of free and happy which is how I felt.

“Instant Karma's gonna get you,
Gonna look you right in the face,
Better get yourself together darlin',
Join the human race,
How in the world you gonna see,
Laughin' at fools like me,
Who on earth d'you think you are,
A super star,
Well, right you are.

Well we all shine on,
Like the moon and the stars and the sun,
Well we all shine on,
Ev'ryone come on.”

It pretty much said everything about how I was feeling and I thought it was a clear choice. The problem? I had to consult my husband and he completely disagreed. The funny thing is that I thought this song was a compromise because he's a big John Lennon fan, but I was wrong. He’s far more traditional that I am and has told me on more than one occasion that if he had his way our wedding mass would have been in Latin. Uggghhh…..

So, in the end we chose a song that we both liked. I say “like” because I didn’t then nor do I now, love it. I think it’s slow and a bit sappy but my favorite song by an artist that I think is a bit of a toolbox. I know a lot of people are fans of Dave Matthews and I have a friend that has seen him like 30 times but I’m just not a huge fan. “Crash into Me” was a song that kept coming up in our relationship but I wouldn’t go so far as to say that it’s “our song.” If I had to say what our song was, it would be "Baby Got Back!" That song has come up more in our relationship that any other song. We've certainly danced to it more that the one we chose. How funny would it have been for our wedding song to be "Baby Got Back?" No one would ever have forgotten that!

If I had to do it again, and I don’t, I would have pushed harder for something a little more uplifting and inspirational. I like songs that tell you to kick off your shoes, screw the world and do what you want. Dave Matthews doesn’t do that for me. John Lennon does. Janis Joplin too but even I knew that was out of the question. In the end our day was perfect, no matter what song we danced to. It really didn't matter.

Watch the video if you get a chance. It really is an amazing song. Yoko is sitting next to him knitting the whole time. Random. There is a microphone in front of her so I'm just thankful she wasn't singing. I'd rather watch her knit than hear her incessant fucking warbling.

Also, as a side note, please don't look at the wedding photo I posted above and my profile photo and think I walk around all day with my mouth agape because I don't.

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  1. Instant Karma would have been a very fun choice! I'm not familiar with that DMB song though. Great post!

    Stopping by from Mama Kat's!

  2. My friend chose Hey! Baby by Del Shannon for her father daughter dance and it was just amazing. Instead of a tearful sappy song they shook their tuckus' and had a blast. I still cried like a baby but I'm a crier. I plan on doing the same with my boys many moons from now, maybe we'll dance to "Party in my tummy" from Yo Gabba Gabba.