Sunday, July 4, 2010


Independence means I'm free to say that this is my least favorite holiday. I mean I'm proud of my country and all and I know in times like these I'm supposed to walk through the streets all day with my hand on my heart thanking God for all he's done for my country, but that's just not how I roll.

I'm not the outdoorsy type, so I'm not a big BBQ fan (unless it's Bar-B-Cutie) and I've already shared my thoughts on standing around and blowing things up to celebrate this great nation. Just when you think that shit can't get any more annoying, someone puts a gigantic stick of dynamite into a trashcan and blows it up. Like it wasn't loud enough already. I'm just glad my kids slept through it, although they both slept late this morning so maybe it kept them up a little bit.

Independence means never having to say you're sorry, well technically that's love but you see what I'm getting at. Freedom means that I can say and do whatever I want and you just have to sit back and watch. As long as I'm not breaking a law and/or endangering my children, I get to express myself in anyway I choose. Being an asshole isn't illegal.

People have fought and died for the freedoms that I partake in everyday. Most people will tell you that if you can't respect this country properly than you should get out. I think that's incredibly small minded. I say our freedoms afford me the independence to question the way we go about doing things in this country. I'm afforded that right and I don't ask permission to question things. I never follow in line. It's so tired and it's been done to death, hasn't it?

So on this Independence Day I will take my children to a cook out, make sure they see fireworks (Ugghh), spend time with some friends, eat yummy sweets (Owen, anyway) and get them to bed way too late. Isn't that what it's all about anyway? Spending time together? I mean I won't take them in the backyard and shoot off fireworks but I'm pretty sure I will never do that. We'll let someone else do the dirty work and I'll smile and wait to see if River hates them as much as I do. I'm guessing yes since she cries when Chris sneezes, but we'll see. Then I'll get up tomorrow and question everything that crosses my mind, just like I always have. Nothing changes, but why should it?


  1. Oh, no! I just had a big comment typed out and then messed up word verification and the whole thing disappeared!

    Anyway, what I basically said is that since we're free, you're free to celebrate in any way you want! :)

    Btw, if you want to participate in my Pour Your Heart Out- even though you do it a lot anway- feel free to grab my PYHO button and link up some Wednesday- you'll find some great stories on the linky and more people will find you, too!

  2. I dislike the firecrackers and backyard fireworks displays as well. My hubby keeps me appraised of all of the hoopies that lost limbs over the weekend. Apparently someone in NY blew their arm off yesterday. Hurray for the USA!

  3. Independence Day has never really been my favorite holiday either.
    I understand and agree.