Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Girlie Girl Wednesday

I try to have one day each week where I can take River and it's just me and her for a while. I like the idea of her having special time with me where she doesn't have to share my attention with her super groovy brother. It's nice because it feels like a mini vacation to just have one kid tugging at me. We usually do this on Girlie Girl Mondays but since Monday was a holiday and no one should have to witness a Pap on Girlie Girl day, it got pushed to Wednesday this week.

We don't have anything crazy special we do besides getting her something interesting to eat and dressing her up in the girliest thing that she has clean. It's just time with me that I think is important. She also gets a lot of attention when she is dressed like this because, well, look at her. She's a ray of friggen sunshine. I think it's on days like this that people really question if I'm the nanny. She looks like the sun shat her out and I'm in black with dark hair and my natural scowl. Makes me giggle when I see people thinking that.
We took Owen to school and while we waited for the teacher to come up I sat next to a parent that I always seem to get stuck with. We're sitting there and a kid who is maybe 12/13 asks his mom where the bathroom is. There is a bathroom inches from us that says, "Adult Men's Restroom." Now to me, it is as clear as day (even w/o an explanation) why they have that but the crackpot next to me say, "Why do they even have that? Can't he just use the men's restroom?" Now keep in mind that this is the same woman who complained that she was locked out front until she was buzzed in so I question if she's all there. I mean who wants their children's school opened for just anyone to walk in? Because ignorance annoys me, I was unable to stop myself from answering her. I said (and tell me if this was rude) "They have that so they don't have grown men using the same restroom as children." "Why?" and she pointed to a father who was dropping off his daughter. "They don't know him!" Here's where I may have gotten rude, I said, "Well now look at that! You answered your own question! They don't know him! Perfect reason to keep him out of the bathroom while my 3 year old is in there." Besides a nicotine filled sigh I didn't hear another word out of her so I think my response helped her to not only shut up but to hopefully not try talking to me again because ignorance really IS painful for other people. I guess the world needs the socially inept, I'm just not sure why.
Anyhoo, River and I went to order a backup pair of glasses for Momma. Mine broke at a wedding a few weeks back and it was borderline debilitating so I didn't want that to happen again. I ended up with a pair made by Coach. While they're pretty groovy glasses I was surprised that I liked them because I'm not really a fan of name brands because they're usually crazy expensive for no reason but there was only a $40 difference so I went with what I thought was a more sturdy pair. After that we headed to some other shops and then had a little snack picnic in the grassy field next to Owen's school. We didn't stay long because it's like the friggen Serengeti out there but I was able to snap a few photographs of River in her girly girl best.
We picked Owen up with little fan fair and came home for lunch. I have an appointment later today and plan to go while the kids nap. Hopefully it will be uneventful but seriously, does that ever happen?

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  1. Too adorable! (Ignorance is painful! Love that line)