Monday, July 12, 2010

Hi Diabetes It's Me, Michelle

My husband and I went to Europe for our honeymoon. London, Paris and Rome! I've been to the Tower of London. I've had French Onion soup on the Champs Elysee and I've seen tombs of dead Popes. I think I went with realistic expectations and they were mostly met. I loved most of our time there and each city was different in many way. People are friendly in London, people are nasty in Paris and people are indifferent in Rome. Clearly these are rash generalizations and not always true but it's my blog so I'm entitled.

If I could change one thing about our honeymoon it would be that I wished I hadn't been pregnant. I don't wish to not have had my angel but the the timing sucked. Getting pregnant smack in the middle of an 11 month engagement was not in our plans but you dance with the guy that brung you so we just dealt. I thought getting pregnant would be harder at 36 but I was wrong and the one thing that all of our honeymoon cities had in common was real sugar. Apparently in Europe they don't use corn syrup, which makes sense but I didn't know that before I got there. I thought the sodas were terrible and sicky sweet. I remember sitting in Rome at a McDonald's (a travesty, I know but I was pregnant and needed something familiar) and I said to my husband, "This shit is so sweet, I'm going to get diabetes!" As it turns out, that's pretty much what happened.

I took the glucose test when I got back and my blood sugars were so high that I was immediately put on insulin. It was worse with my daughter as I had pre-gestational diabetes and was insulin dependent from 6 weeks on. My mother's family is riddled with diabetes and I was told years ago that I was pre-diabetic so it really wasn't all that shocking but it still sucked. I jumped through hoops and watched what I hate while I was pregnant and took up to 6 shots a day. I even ate breakfast! It was a nightmare.

Today I went to the Endocrinologist, like I do every 6 months since I was pregnant with Owen. I haven't taken insulin since the day River was born and haven't checked my BS in months. They did the finger stick and we were shocked to see that my fasting BS reading was 129. What does that mean? It means that I have diabetes. No gestational, no pre-gestational, just regular old sucks to be you diabetes. She gave me a blood test to make sure the reading wasn't off but I knew it wasn't and I was right. I knew this day would come but it still pisses me off. The worst part about it is knowing I could have altered it if I had ever been capable of losing weight.
So, my plan is to do as much reading as I can for the next couple of days and make a plan. I feel like I need help but don't know who to ask so I will have to figure it out on my own. Chris and I are going to go to the market and make healthy choices which is harder than you think when grapes and berries aren't a healthy choice. Does this mean back to the land of the cardboard lunch? I'll get back you on that.
I blame Paris.


  1. Oh man, sorry. My dad had and it went away after he started eating better and lost a little weight. I gained alot with my son and bearly passed the glucose test. I have a sweet tooth and definitely have to watch. It's in my genes. Best of luck. You'll get through it!

  2. So sorry to hear. Of all the souvenirs of Paris I've ever heard of, that's the worst. Good luck with the healthy choices. I guess one bonus is that there's heaps of info out there now about Low GI choices. Take care of yourself.

  3. I was in a McDonald's in Rome a couple of months ago. I still don't like to admit it! But I love your contrast between eating French Onion soup on the Champs Elysee and then being at McDonald's in Rome.