Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The $55 Ebony Dream

In my travels I pass many things that I'd like to have, not much that I really "need" but I see things that I like but don't buy for many reasons. Either it's too expensive, not something I would use a lot or I just don't really need it. Few things stick with me after I choose to leave it in the store like this purse did today. I ignored my kids all the way home after I saw this purse thinking about how I'd always wanted one.

I've wanted this exact Kate Spade purse for almost 15 years. I've seen it from time to time and always thought, I should just buy that damn thing but I think it was $140 when it first came out and I think only an ass spends that much money on a purse. Not to mention the fact that since I've got two kids under 3 1/2, I almost never carry a purse because I'm carrying a diaper bag. However, when I do go out and I need a purse, I've never had one that I liked.

I don't ask for much in a purse. It needs to be black, square and boxy enough to hold my wallet, camera and cell phone. So I knew all these years that I wanted THIS purse, not just any Kate Spade purse. I've also wanted one for so long that I knew a few things to look for to spot a fake and everything checked out.

I was with my kids today when I discovered this black dream of mine but shopping with them is a nightmare. I actually left without buying the purse because I thought spending $55 on a purse was frivolous (because it is) and my kids were pushing me over the edge. I told my husband about it when we got home and he said what I knew he would, "Go back and buy it, we aren't poor!" He also suggested I call them and ask them to hold it for me, which I did.

After I put my kids down for their nap, I skipped back to the store while my husband worked from home and bought my Ebony wallet holder. I was so excited when I left with it that as I pulled out onto the main road, I looked over at it and said, "I HAVE A KATE SPADE PURSE!!!"

I don't ask for much....

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