Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Worst. Parent. Ever.

This morning started out pretty good. I got up and got a shower before the kids got out of bed. I could hear that they were awake in their rooms but both were playing nicely so I let them go for a while as I slowly made breakfast. I generally make the same thing for both of them. Lots of fruit, Owen always gets a vitamin and has since he was 18 months old and I make him some kind of bread, bagel, English muffin or toast. It usually goes pretty smoothly.
The party over the weekend has left us with a fridge full of food and cupcakes everywhere. This morning when I was practically begging Owen to eat his breakfast he looked at me and said "cupcake!" "No Owen, we don't eat cupcakes for breakfast." He of course followed up with the rationalization that you can only get from a three year old, "CUPCAKE!" I had phone calls to make and appointments to make. On top of that I wasn't feeling 100% so for the first time since I can remember, I gave him something I knew was bad for him just to shut him up. I feel like a terrible parent and don't plan to do it again but God it worked! No wonder there are so many shitty parents out there. It's so easy when you give into their every whim. Maybe tonight I'll let them tell ME what time they want to go to bed. NOT!
You can see the chocolate around his mouth in this picture.

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