Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Twifecta! Sigh.....Edward..............

Last night Angie and I drove to Alexandria to see the Twifecta! We left early in hopes of avoiding any NOVA traffic and we didn't hit any so clearly leaving at two so we could get something to eat beforehand was a good idea. When we first got to the theater I wasn't even remotely surprised that there was a line. We got our tickets from the kiosk and then walked across the way to get something to eat anyway at a French bistro that was actually pretty good and when we came back the theater was open so we went in and were able to get excellent front row seats in that middle section, kinda in the middle so we were set. My friend Heather who had planned to meet us got sick at work so at the last minute she couldn't come but was able to get her money back which shocked me. They gave us these lanyards which they told us we had to wear. I probably wouldn't have other wise but it had a groovy picture and came with a $10 gift card for concessions, which we used most of, I think. There really were a lot of people there which I guess makes sense because it was sold out but we were surprised at the amount of men that were there.

We were in our seats two hours before the Twilight was scheduled to start but I knew this place would be packed and getting there late was a bad idea. We should have brought books to read but didn't. The time past pretty quickly anyway so it wasn't too bad. The people watching kept my mind sharp. A few things I saw that stood out were, lots of guys there and granted they were all with women but still. Also, lots of Twishirts on older ladies, older than me and I thought it was funny. But the most random thing I saw was the couple who brought their two year old and had her sitting in what looked like the most uncomfortable umbrella stroller ever. Now stroller or not, who brings a kid that age to not just one, but three movies in a row? Did they really think that kid wanted to see 8 hours of Twilight? I guarandamntee she didn't! I don't think that kid made a noise more than 4 or 5 times all night and Angie thinks it's because they beat her down on a daily basis. I've never seen a kid this quiet in my life. As soon as the lights went down Owen would have started in at the top of his lungs,

"Momma it's dark in here. Why are there no lights? Why do you love that pasty guy, Momma? Gimmie some soda! Why is that fat chick screaming at the guy with the big teeth? Why is the TV so big? Does she ever stop chewing on her lip? Stop eating my popcorn, Michelle! Momma, is that Edward and Bella?"

It would have been never ending. Who brings a two y/o to eight hours worth of movie? As much as I love all things Twilight, if I hadn't had someone to watch BOTH of my children, my ass would have been at home. A kid going home at 3 AM? How do you justify that? Also, totally inappropriate to have your kids watching all that violence. When I watch Twilight while my kids are in the room, I fast forward through the fight sequences, cause that's what you should do , right?

Anyhoo, Eclipse really was a very good movie and I don't think I was expecting it to be. I'd seen a couple of clips that I wasn't pleased with and this was the first time Bella wears a wig and I thought at times it looked like a big Brillo pad, but I got over it. After I heard they got a new director for New Moon I was pissed cause I thought Catherine Hardwicke should have directed them all. Looking back now, clearly that is stupid. Getting new directors has kept everything new. Each film is like a whole new movie and less like a sequel. I mean I know it's a continuation of a story but Eclipse can stand on its own I think. I kept waiting for a lull because every film has one but I didn't find it. I will try to find it again when I go tonight to opening night with my girlfriends. The movie was packed with so much energy that I didn't realize until it was almost over that I hadn't found a lull.
Things I could have done without:
Jasper's weird eyebrow look. He did it once in New Moon when he wished Bella Happy Birthday at school and it annoyed me then but he must do it 10 times in this movie.
Brice Dallas Howard. She may be a good actress (maybe not, I really don't know) but she isn't Victoria. Rachelle would have done a better job, IMO.
I would have like a little more Bree, not a lot more just a little.
Taylor needs more acting lessons.
Rob needs a dialect coach. Unless he's like Madonna and can just sound British whenever he wants but no guy I've ever met from Chicago says "against" like that.
Things I totally loved:
The music is excellent! I've had the soundtrack since June 8th and a day hasn't gone by that I haven't listened to it. They have all been incredible but this one is the best I think.
I've loved all the movies so far but this one is the best. If you can't enjoy this movie it's because you're a hater and didn't give it a chance. I could see hating New Moon, but not this one.
It's a beautiful movie to watch. Knowing that that Cullen house was rebuilt on a sound stage makes it that much more incredible.

I will see it again tonight with my girlfriends and then we'll talk about it over dinner just like we did after New Moon. It's a prefect night for it too since it's Wednesday which is my husband's Warcraft night. I hate that we're seeing it in the mall because the place will be swarming with an infestation of teenagers, but what can you do?

I've been listening to the soundtrack all day and I get a perverse thrill to look over and see my son singing every word. In the last few weeks he's really picked up some speech and his memorizing is getting really good. Today I hear him at the store sing "Clang clang clang goes the trolley! Ring, ring, ring goes the bell! Zing, zing, zing goes my heart strings! From the moment I saw him I fell!" Complete with the hand gestures I taught him. On the way home from the store, my baby was singing Metric, "Will they hate me for, all the choices I made?" He's picking things up! I love it! I love I can work some Twilight into his learning.
I got home at 3:30 maybe? I was so tired that I'm not even really sure. The ride home was uneventful which is a good thing because it's the first time coming home from NOVA that I didn't get stuck in any traffic. I slept from 4-8 and felt pretty good when I got up. I'm sure I'll crash hard after the movie tonight but I'm not worried. I might get a chai tea on the way over just for the caffeine. That movie must have been really good to keep me up in such good spirits til the wee hours of the morning. Poor Angie forgot her pump. Hope your boobs feel better Angie!

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