Tuesday, June 15, 2010

That's My Hole!

My friend Karen watched Owen while I took River to her first dentist appointment this morning and when we got back to the house we all went to the Baltimore Zoo. I bought a membership last year and I have just raped that thing. I have been many times and gotten lots of friends in for free. I don't plan on renewing it because Owen will be in school so much that it's hard to get there and River doesn't really care yet.

We got there probably about 10:30 and the place was barren, which is a selling point. Today is the last day of school in our county and the last few days in other counties so there were no school groups with 50 annoying kids running around jumping over our strollers and because it was an over cast day and the forecast was rain, it kept most families home. I thought it was perfect weather.

As soon as we got there Owen ran for the tram, which is his favorite part of the whole damn zoo! Tons of animals, slides built into large trees and you can pay $3 to feed giraffes, which we've done on several occasions and he just wants to ride the tram. They are opening a new train in Spring of 2010, yeah, they're behind. However, they were running it back and forth today testing it out I guess so maybe the end is near. I know Owen is going to love that thing. He and Cooper both stopped whatever they were doing anytime it came near. It's a big red train with a smokestack and a cow catcher so Owen totally loves it!

Owen ran away from me more than I would have liked and once I ran over Jane with my stroller but in my defense, she jumped in front of me. Probably my favorite part of the day was when we sat down for lunch next to the penguins and there is a board with painted penguins on it and places to stick your head through for photos. While River ate her weight in strawberries, Cooper and Owen argued over one hole for most of the time we were there. Owen really isn't very good at sharing in instances like this. It's a new thing so we're working through it but it always makes me laugh how the best of friends will turn on each other pretty quickly for something as absurd as a penguin head hole.

Cooper fell and busted his knee but it ain't a party until you leave some skin on the concrete. The whole ride home this is what I heard.

"Momma, where's Karen and Jane Jane and Cooper?"

"They are in their car. They're going to their house."

"Why Momma, why?"

I wonder if I told him it was because he didn't share the penguin head hole? Maybe that would have ended the inquisition. Also, I made a loop on the way home that I didn't need to make so I could take a picture of this graffiti that I pass every time we go to the zoo and I miss it every time. Of course it's tough to zoom in when you're driving. But the "Fat Chicks Rock" sign makes me laugh out loud. Just thinking of the people who took time from hot boxing their cars to come out at 2 AM to get this done, makes me giggle. They must really really like fat chicks, but who doesn't, really?

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