Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Maybe Vader Someday Later.....

I love Weird AL. The first thing I think I ever heard him do was "My Bologna" and I remember thinking how funny it was. In the 80s he did "Like a Surgeon" and "Eat it" and "FAT" which was my personal favorite. I think he's really smart and could have done almost anything but chose this. Why I don't know but I think he's pretty good at it.

On the way home from dropping the Odyssey off at the dealership this morning to handle some recall issues this song came on satellite radio. I friggen love this song and haven't heard it in years. I was surprised at how much of it I remembered. The videos are even more funny than the songs. "White & Nerdy" has Donny Osmond jumping around. I'm almost certain I'd never seen that one. I can't remember if I saw this back in the day but if I did, it didn't stick with me. I haven't heard much from Weird AL since his parents died of Carbon Monoxide poisoning in 2003 or 2004.

My husband and I agreed on two things about Weird Al. One, he's funny and 2, he is the reason we hate Coolio. I remember Coolio being a complete ass when Weird Al did the remake of his song. He acted like he'd never given permission and made a big deal about it. I always thought he was full of shit. Weird Al didn't need permission but apparently asked for it anyway.

Whatever, this song is funny. I love that the Emperor is playing the piano.

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