Wednesday, June 16, 2010


My friend Karen and I have been trying to get together for a solid month to see the new Sex and the City movie. I wasn't one of those people that watched every episode and usually caught the reruns but I liked the show even with Carrie being so frightening unattractive. I mean she's cute in a fun kind way but attractive? Not so much.

So we make a trip to Sears first so Karen can pick something up and then head over to the theater in Annapolis. We get there just in time to get a bag of salty popcorn that neither of us needs. Sodium is not a friend to either of us. We sit down and talk while the previews start. Karen puts her feet up on the chair in front of us and why not. A chick sat picked that seat to sit in and I know she did it just for spite, well I don't KNOW but she could have picked another seat! Anyhoo, they start running the trailers and a couple of movies looked cute. I was excited to see they showed an Eclipse trailer because the fifty times Ive seen it already just aren't enough. The funny part was when Karen turns to me and gestures towards Taylor Lautner and says, "Now is he a coyote?" I laughed so hard that I couldn't answer. This is the same girl that when I asked her who the lead singer of The Beatles was, she said "George Harrison." I shit you not, I laughed about that for a solid week! I told her that she knows nothing about current events. Her argument was that Eclipse isn't a current event. I disagree. The release of Eclipse is a current event in entertainment. She said "it isn't the BP spill or the guy who cut his arm off because he got stuck in his furnace." This is true but it's still happening right now. She told me she isn't schooled in all things Twilight and I have to agree with that. I'm a graduate student of these books/movies so I know more than say a normal person but I still think knowing that it's vampires & werewolves is common knowledge. I think she should know it isn't vampires & coyotes. I'm just sayin......

So SATC turned out to be a lot better than I thought it would be. I heard horrible things about it and while I could see what the reviews were talking about, it didn't ruin the movie. I liked the fact that a mother of two admitted that being a mom isn't always fun and sometimes locking yourself in a closet to cry is the best thing you can do. I loved the massively gay wedding. The choir of young men all in white was hilarious! I could have done without the hat Carrie put on to be the Best Man because she looked more like Princess Aura from Flash Gordon than anything else. I had to laugh every time they showed her with that thing on her head. She looked totally ridiculous and it only accentuated her looooonnnnggggg face.
I liked when they sang, "I am Woman!" That song is always a crowd pleaser and I'm sure they did that because in Abu Dhabi, even thought it is apparently a little more progressive than other middle eastern countries, women are still second class citizens.
I DID find it odd that the guy she use to date takes her on the red carpet for a premiere and then he just drops off the face of the earth but it's the little things in these movies that make me like them. If you can't find the humor in a guy named Richard Spirt, I don't wan't to know you.

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  1. Cute post! Your friend sounds hilarious and the coyote thing made me lol too.

    I am a big fan of Carrie though. I love her fearless fashion. Her hat was over the top though, even I have to admit that. :)