Tuesday, June 15, 2010

River's 1st Dental Appointment

I took River to the dentist this morning because she was having an issue. Her front four top teeth had what looked like cavities on the front of them. Actually I shouldn't day that, because I didn't know what it was. Someone suggested to me that perhaps she'd fallen on them and they were growing in that way. She's never had any juice or sweets really so I didn't have any idea where it was coming from. My biggest fear was that the dentist would say her teeth were growing in that way and she needed to have them removed. I heard of this happening to a baby once and it stuck with me. I'm happy to say that none of this stuff was the case.

Turns out that it's a buildup of iron. I'm not really sure why because we brush her teeth the same way we brush Owens and he never got that. While I'm happy this was the case and they were able to just scratch it away before her cleaning, I'm still confused as to how or why it was there in the first place. It's the best possible outcome so I'm pleased.

She was so good at the dentist. Everyone gathered around her to comment on his tiny she was. One lady said she'd never seen a kid that small in there before. I guess it isn't normal to take a 16 month old to the dentist but it had to happen. It wasn't a lifelong dream of mine but she did great. I sat her in my lap and then laid her head back into the dentist's lap and held her hands. She really didn't even fuss. Once the stuff had been scraped off, the dentist cleaned her teeth and she wasn't really a big fan of the tool but she got past it. I wasn't a big fan of the fact that the cleaner the dentist was using was cherry flavored. I tried my best not to gag but ugghhh, why?
After that she put a bit of fluoride on her teeth which she seemed to enjoy. I know kids aren't supposed to get fluoride treatments but their teeth aren't supposed to look like hers did either. I was actually so afraid of what was wrong with her teeth over the past two weeks that I started using Owen's toothpaste on her and it has fluoride in it. I'd rather her get a stomach ache than have her teeth fall out of her mouth.
I kept waiting for River to kick someone or at least fuss. I'm pretty sure that if I'd let Owen's hand go last week when I took him to see this dentist, he would have bitch slapped her so I expected the same from River. Hell, when I sent Owen in to get River from her nap this afternoon, he woke her up and she stood up in her crib, brushed her hair from her eyes and backhanded him right in the mouth. That's my girl. She doesn't like to be annoyed. No denying that one is mine!

That picture of her in the pink bathing suit, if you click on it you can see how bad her teeth were and why I was freaking out. If you look at the last one in the blue shirt, you can see the difference. It was pretty bad before.

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