Sunday, June 20, 2010

"River Has Jaundice"

Because this post included Father's Day spoilers, I had to wait until after we gave my husband his Father's Day gifts before I could share. This may be a long post because we did a lot for Daddy this year.

On Thursday my friend Karen came over with her kids Cooper and Jane, which always goes over well with Owen because he just loves them! I'd seen a painted tree somewhere and it had given me the idea to buy some canvas and make hand print trees with my kids and Karen was up for it so after I went to Michael's first thing they came over after River's PT appointment.

We painted the kids arms brown to create the tree trunks and then painted their hands which were the leaves of the tree. Cooper wanted to add apples to his but instead of that I decided to use green for Owen's hands and red for River's. River looked like a Proctologist and Jane ate some of the green paint but other than that, it was relatively easy. Owen isn't one for weird sensations so I was just glad he let me paint his arm. It helped that Cooper went first. I think that helped Owen think it was cool.

We let the pictures dry in the sun and threw the kids in the tub because they were covered in paint. I think River was the worst because instead of painting her arm with a brush I just used my fingers. By the time we took them out it looked like a box of Crayolas was murdered in there. Not that I minded. It needed a good cleaning anyway. I needed to hide the evidence as well as I possibly could so Chris wouldn't be suspicious. I almost crapped myself when he called me back to her room that night and while changing her diaper made me look at her arm and said, "I think River has jaundice." He was serious too and said it with some concern. I even giggled because I couldn't stop myself. I have no idea if I played it off well or not but I DID play it off. "No, it could be just dirt or the lighting." Owen and I added some grass to their painting later which was painless. I just covered him in a smock. I wasn't interested in cleaning the tub again. When Owen gave Chris the painting they made he was so proud of himself. Sweetest thing ever!

Another gift I wanted to give Chris for Father's Day is a reading area. We have talked a lot about getting rid of my desk and bringing his 400 pound monster desk into the office to make more room. While he was golfing yesterday I got busy. I had no choice but to do it with the kids here so I turned on the Chipmunk movie and crossed my fingers.

I will have you know that it took me forever to get that damn desk into the office! I tried to get it through right side up, didn't work. I tried to get it through by turning it on it's side, didn't work. It was only off my maybe 1/2 inch but I knew if I tried to sneak it through that I could scratch it and didn't want to catch Chris's wrath on that one. I had to not only take the office door off but I had to take the top of the desk off as well. My Ikea tool kit that everyone makes fun of held it's own for this task. In fact I might not have been able to make it happen with a regular screwdriver. My Ikea screwdriver has all these different bits and I think I used four of them just to get the desk apart. Today my back feels like I'm 80 years old but the house looks a lot better. The basement is a lot more open and there's so much more room for activities. I was also able to finally hang a framed print of a cartoon that Chris's dad got from one of the cartoonists he writes for and the John Lennon print in the office.

The only down fall of this whole "reading area" thing is that he's been sitting in that chair all morning. I did this to myself. It's a nice big $700 chair and a half chair from my single days so I'm a big fan of it. It's very comfortable so I can't blame him. I can't believe I almost got rid of it.

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