Monday, June 28, 2010


Today River and I went to a consignment shop not too far from here called Once Upon a Child. We were just trying to waste some time while Owen was in his first day of school. The first time I came to this store I hated it. I found nothing in the correct place, clothes not priced and the sales girl a social retard. When Owen took another class up the street that only lasted an hour, I gave it another try because going all the way home wasn't an option. I found it to be a completely different store. It was clean, things were marked properly and the chick who had "helped" me the first time was nowhere to be seen. In fact, I haven't seen her since so maybe I wasn't alone in thinking that a lobotomy would have done her good.

My idea was to look for new hair bows for River. They always have tons and then even sell black ones which is almost impossible to find outside of Hot Topic. I got her a cute pink one that had little tiny skull and crossbones. I didn't buy any other bows because to be honest, she has every colour I liked. I did find some big flower clips that will be great for ponytails or pictures. But maybe the cutest thing I found were these two knit caps. They had them in maybe 10 colours but I bought these because they looked best on Riv. The blue one was almost a necessity because it matches her eyes. Granted, I can't really bust these out yet but they're pretty roomy so I think she's good to go for the fall and into winter. Only $3 and so cute! Whenever I see someone in one of these hats it reminds me of Rhoda, Mary's upstairs neighbor on the Mary Tyler Moore show. Granted, this show was before my time but I watched it in syndication.
I wanted a picture to add to this post so I took River in the back yard and shot a few frames. I have to say, these are some of my most favorite pictures I've ever taken of River. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't but it sure is nice when the planets align for a groovy picture.

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