Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Red, White & Groovy

Back: Owen, Cooper, Naomi, Max & Sydney
Front: Alexa, Natalie, Ayden & Morgan

Today we had Owen's Playgroup pictures taken. We do it once a year and did the babies a while back which is good because getting two kids ready for picture day is too much. River isn't a big fan of having his picture taken professionally and did much better without me in the room. I should remember that next time.

Most of these kids are the same ones he's been playing with. Naomi is the newest to our group. I think Sydney and Max were the first kids we'd met when Owen was maybe 6 months old. At almost 3 1/2, he's been playing with them for most of his life and we just love them!

All of the kids handled today really well. The girls really always have because they're girls and they listen. Owen threw himself on the floor once but I handed him a sucker and he started behaving. He knows right where they are when we come in and goes right to them. I'd rather have a kid in a picture with a sucker than no kid in the picture. I actually took so many suckers away from him that when I got home I dug 6 or so of them out of my pockets. I just forgot to put them back.

Owen didn't run out of the room over and over, Cooper didn't cry, Alexa agreed to wear denim and look at Naomi up there in the middle. She looks like a friggen rockstar! I don't even know what Max is doing but it's cute as hell! I couldn't get Owen to smile but at least he looked at the guy taking the pictures. I've also got to ask Michelle where she got those cool shorts Syndey was wearing cause they were CUTE! I just know she'll say TCP cause she knows I'm not a fan but I'd totally buy those shorts!

I can't wait for the pictures to come back. These kids really are very cool and not an ugly one in the bunch! I know, I know, all kids are sweet but not all kids are cute. That's is a big ole' misconception!

We do this once a year but most of us have agreed that when the kids turn 5 we are going to hire a professional photographer and go to a park when it's beautiful. Centennial Park in September/October is breathtaking. That's two years away so plenty of time to think about it but I can already visualize it. It looks pretty groovy from here. We all look great!

Also, my favorite things about these pictures is Owen sitting next to Ayden in the one of just the boys. Look at the difference in the sandal size of Ayden and Owen! Owen's feet are like twice the size. Owen wears a 13 and I have no idea what Ayden wears. Probably the normal size for a almost 3 year old. I think his Birthday is in August which means they are 7 months apart but still, Owen's feet aren't human.

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