Saturday, June 19, 2010

Playgroup Potluck

Our Thursday playgroup which has become our Wednesday playgroupmet today for a potluck playgroup at Laura, Alexa and Grant's house. Laura did the smart thing. She picked a date and sent out the Evite. Anything else would have resulted in "I can't do it that day, maybe this day?" This would have lead to no potluck. It always does. Kind of like the garage sale some of us tried to plan.

I spent the morning doing manual labor in the basement for Father's day. As soon as Chris left to golf with his buddies in Virginia I got the kids up, gave them breakfast and got started. I worked feverishly through the day and didn't even realize when I looked up and it was 3:38. Our party started at 4:00 and I still needed a shower. I took a shower with record speed and threw myself together before I went into Owen's room and he had poop coming out of all sides of his diaper. I gave him a bath before getting River up and once they were depooped, we finally left for our party, at 4:28.

I was a little happy when I got off of Rt 29 and realized that I was right behind Jena. Now that shouldn't have brought me such pleasure because she drove from Woodbridge but at least I wasn't the last one there. It's nice to see Jena because she moved to Virginia a while back so we don't get to see her too often. It would be easier if NOVA wasn't a gigantic parking lot. Just thinking about making that drive stresses me out.

Thankfully I said I'd bring a salad which is pretty easy to make. Cut up the ingredients, grab some herbs from outside, toss with some dressing and we were good. Except Stephanie who apparently doesn't eat dressing? She'll eat bagged lettuce but not dressing. Who knew? I eat Funyuns on car trips, like normal people. She has two kids, Cora and Spencer. Spencer is big like Owen was but he has the chunkiest legs I've ever seen on a kid. They looked like stuffed sausage casings. It's funny when he looks at you all serious and his legs are so chunky. I can't take him seriously. Cora and Alexa always play dress up when they're together and the best part of yesterday was when Cora came down the stairs butt naked in a pair of princess heels while carrying a tutu. That's when the party really started.

There were lots of desserts and Owen had a piece of each one. There were cheesecakes and a big chocolate pizza with M&Ms and marshmallows on top. I thought Owen was going to shit himself when I let him have some. He kept looking at me like he was getting away with something. I think the best dessert was the peanut butter thing that Stephanie made. She makes things for our playgroups but this is the best thing she'd ever made. I think she said it was peanut butter over LaChoy noodles which doesn't sound so great but these things kicked ass! I have a thing I make with white chocolate over Ritz crackers. Same theory I guess. Tres yummy!

While my husband was away, some of the other dads came. That's always nice because we don't get to see them often and for the most part everyone is proud of their dad, right? I love me some Grant and it's always nice to see Chuck and Mike. They played guitar for a while. River loved it and I took a picture of her looking up at them like they were rock stars.

Owen locked Grant out on the deck, asked everyone but me for a juice box, ate two hot dogs and his weight in strawberries but for some reason didn't try to gorge on chips. River went up and down the stairs so many times that I stopped counting, ate her weight in Jena's corn goodness, didn't seem to mind when Owen picked her up and carried her across the room before gently sitting her down and she absolutely loved Alexa's dollhouse which means I'm in the market.
One weird thing was the small wooden box sitting on the island. I looked at it for a while and couldn't figure out why it was there. Very random. I finally decided to see what the hell it was and when I pulled the top back a rat popped out! I'm sure they were just waiting for me to open it up. Of course it was going to be me.
Also, Stephanie said I don't mention her enough in my blog. I don't know what the hell she's talking about. Her husband is the one who turned me onto the Wicked Witch of the West Pot t-shirt so her family is well represented.

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  1. HYSTERICAL. I should learn NOT to read your blog while at work. Can be dangerous:-). Had a great time yesterday, was great seeing you guys.