Saturday, June 12, 2010

Plantas, Party of Two!

I've always thought Lauren was beautiful, perfect really. I've had many discussions with myself about how she got that way. Sometimes I think she looks like her mother and then I'll see her dad and think she looks like him. The truth is, both of her parents (Tammy & John) are ridiculously attractive so it's a toss up. Her brother (Herbert) is really cute too. I think it's shitty to give all that to one family but whatever. What are you going to do?

As beautiful as I've always thought she was, Lauren has never been as beautiful as she was today. The wedding was outside so I didn't know what to expect. They got married at The Chesapeake Bay Beach Club, just on the other side of the bridge. It was pretty hot today but thankfully there was a nice breeze and the view of the Bay Bridge was beautiful. Heather Owens was their wedding photographer. That chick just can not take a bad picture! She did Herbert's wedding as well and those pictures are amazing! She's also really nice so that helps. I think she's done almost every maternity and baby/family picture I've seen. Kinda weird how she's sorta famous with the moms.

When we first got there they served us frozen grapes which sounds totally simple but I'd never heard of that before. They were friggen perfect! I'm so going to do that at home. It was the most refreshing thing ever! Who'd have thunk it? They also served appetizers of grilled chicken, grilled pineapple and Mozzarella Caresse on a stick. Mozzarella Caresse is one of my favorite things and it's funny because I'd never even had it before I met Tammy. She seemed to always have that at her house when she had people over and it was so good. I wasn't a fan of basil before that but now I love it and even grow it on my deck.

Our centerpiece was two huge glass cylinders filled with water. There were floating candles with large sunken sea shells, very cool, very Tammy. I mean I know it was Lauren's wedding but it was very Tammy. Either that apple didn't fall far from the tree or Tammy was all over that wedding. All the girls wore orange dresses, the table cloths were orange and they hung large starfish on some of the chairs during the ceremony, but the coolest thing was that our table numbers were written on a shells! What a great idea!
The cake was incredible and they had chocolate covered strawberries. How can you go wrong? The dinner was excellent as well. One funny thing, Tammy has two kids, Laurena and Herbert. They goth got married on really hot days. As if that wasn't enough, the air conditioning broke at both of their receptions. While it sucked, it's kind of a funny story to tell and that isn't even the best part. The best part is that a guy who was a guest at both weddings works for the county doing HVAC and he worked on it at both weddings. Random but thank God they invited him!
Anyhoo, the weather was beautiful and so was the ceremony but I expected nothing less. Chris said "God himself wouldn't allow it to rain on Lauren's wedding day." So true. Everything was perfect and they really are a wonderful family. It's weird that I feel like I just went to Lauren's high school graduation and now here she is graduated from college and married. It was a moving ceremony. I love this family so much that I chose Tammy to be Owen's Godmother. I just wanted him to get a part of that in some way.
One weird thing, these people just don't like rap music. This was the only wedding I think I've ever been to that didn't play The Humpty Dance. I know it was a staple at mine. Lauren must be like 23 so Chris and I listened to the songs to see if there were any that were released after Lauren and Jasen were born. I shit you not, I think there may have been 5 or so, not that it mattered. Good times. I didn't even complain that much when my glasses broke in the middle of the reception. The lens just fell right out. Not only did I have a screw loose but I apparently I lost the whole damn thing! Chris fixed them enough so I can probably make it til tomorrow. I can't really clean them which is really annoying because I feel like an FBI profiler. I'm staring my my husband's big ass fingerprint til I can get them fixed. I'm so looking forward to taking the kids to the optometrist with me. Ahhhh, that should be fun.

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