Wednesday, June 23, 2010

An Open Letter To Nikon

Look, I'm a Nikon girl. I was a Minolta girl but since I bought a Nikon DSLR a few years ago, I've been converted. Also, I'm not a big fan of Sony, who bought Minolta. My camera is an excellent camera and all of the Nikon accessories that I've purchased to go with it, including lenses, flash, filters, remote controller, and even bags have been excellent thus far. However I just bought a new Nikon point and shoot and when I opened it I was slightly annoyed.

The Coolpix I got has gotten great reviews. I did a lot of reading before I bought it. I knew I didn't want a Canon because I'm just not a fan. It feels like I'm playing with a toy when I pick up one of those things and the PnS that I had was a Canon and it just broke so it started out with a strike against it. I only got the camera last night so I'm not totally familiar with it yet. I DO know it's got great zoom and it fits in my pocket which were two big selling points. I got ruby red because I dig red! S0 my issue isn't with the actual camera. My issue is with an accessory. The camera bag to be exact. The Coolpix comes with this great black leather camera bag that closes securely. It's a tight close and there is no way the camera would ever pop out of it. The problem is that the reason that it snaps so tightly shut is because there is a huge magnet inside the bag holding it closed. Umm, hello, who wants a huge, strong magnet sitting on top of their camera all day long?

While I know to keep my cameras away from strong magnetic fields and this isn't that, it could still harm my memory card or possibly delete my memory. I'm not just guessing this could happen. I've owned good cameras for over 20+ years and I've had it happen. My first digital camera went the way of the magnet. It wouldn't do it in one day but if I left my camera in that bag for one year or two it could definitely cause some damage. Why would anyone still sell a camera bag that closes with a magnet? I called Nikon to ask them and was told that it should not hurt the camera but that I might want to keep the LCD and/or memory card on the opposite site of the magnet. WTF? Hello? If I need to do that why not just make one with a zipper of Velcro closure? I will never be able to use this bag that came with it. That's camera 101. Don't put your friggen camera next to a magnet. Why don't I just take it into the shower with me? It would probably be OK if I held the LCD away from the water. Morons as far as I can see.

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