Thursday, June 17, 2010

My Rock & Roll Babies

We got up bright and early this morning to get some things done. I needed both kids to help me out and River had physical therapy at 11:00 so we needed to make it happen early so we'd have time to get back and get River ready for her appointment. She meets with her PT at the house but she doesn't like to be rushed so I like to get her back home, let her play for a while and then have her appointment. I've discovered that if I rush her into the appointment, she moans the whole time and doesn't want to cooperate.

So, we got up early, got all of the things we needed and headed back to the house. We had another 30 minutes so on the way home we stopped by Sweet Pea's. It's my favorite consignment shop because I really like Gap Kids and they always seem to have a lot of it, they have different colour tags on sale every day AND I keep a punch card which I used this morning and got 15% off of my rockin purchase! I found these two guitars for the kids. Owen has been "playing" guitar for well over a year and he loves it. These guitars are better than the one he has. There guitars can plug into an amp. I'm hoping it will work in the one that Chris has. They're really heavy guitars and obviously River won't even be able to hold hers. I'm thinking about hanging it in her room. It really is very cool. How could I not but them? They're so friggen cute! I've totally got to work these into their pictures.

We got home with about 15 minutes to spare. I changed the kids, let them play together in Owen's room and when River's PT got here we went downstairs. River did very well today. We've been trying to get her to walk behind one of those walking toys for weeks and as soon as you put her hands on it she drops to her but. It's so frustrating! I know she can do it but she has to realize it too. Once she does that she'll be shooting across the room! She has her evaluation tomorrow morning so hopefully it will be better than the last one but not so great that she doesn't still qualify for services. She'll be 17 months old in a few days and she isn't walking yet and the brace she has for her hand is getting too small. In another few weeks she won't be able to wear it anymore. It won't be such an issue when she's walking but I feel like I've been waiting on the forever. She's got a closet full of clothes that she can't wear becuase crawling in a groovy Gap dress is almost impossible.

After the PT left (my son calls her Joe Dimaggio, no idea why but he sits in the window and yells, "bye Joe Dimaggio!" ~ Random) our friend Karen came over with Jane & Cooper. Owen has always adored Cooper but he seems to have taken a liking to Jane as well. When I put him down for his nap I heard him in his room talking about "Jane Jane." So cute! It's always nice to hang out with them and we played out back for a while so the kids got messy and needed a good cleaning. We decided to throw them in the tub because it's just easier. I got a funny picture but I need some time to do some Photoshop work to it before I post it. There's only so much tush you can show in one picture so I've got 4 butts to make fuzzy first.

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