Sunday, June 6, 2010

Morgan's Birthday Party!

Our friend Morgan just turned three. I think we're at the tail end of the Birthday parties for our group. There may be a couple more but most of them seemed to have passed. It got to the point where I'd see a small envelope in the mailbox and quietly screamed to myself, "No, not another Birthday party," only to be pleasantly surprised when it was a thank you card from a party we'd already attended. Don't get me wrong, I love Birthday parties. What's not to love, my kids get to play with their friends, eat a lunch that I don't have to make and then there's the cake. As always, Owen likes to scope out the cake first thing. This was an inside party so it was high on a counter as were the Care bear cupcakes. So I saw him looking for them but he didn't see them until later after he'd had some lunch, I held him up and let him take a look. He was excited about the cake/cupcake situation, but what's new?

When I got him out of bed this morning I told him about the party. I purposely didn't say anything about it last night because he would have talked about the cake all last night and I didn't want to explain to him 50 times that there was no cake tonight and that he'd have to wait until tomorrow. This morning I told him we were going to Morgan's Birthday Party. He looked straight at me and said, "Owen's Birthday party." As many times as I explained to him that it wasn't his party, he didn't seem to get it and even sang "Happy Birthday to Owen," in the car on the way over. He also asked me about the damn cake no less than 15 times. It didn't help that when we got there, we met our friends in front of the house and they had a late Birthday gift for Owen. I was smart enough to not let him open it then or he would have really thought the day was about him. He opened it when we got home and he almost wet himself with excitement. It's a huge remote controlled Tow Mater. He screamed "Tow Mater, Tom Mater," all the way to his room.

Of course when we got there, Owen started immediately sniffing around the food. He can't help himself and while I know he weighs 48 pounds, he really isn't a fat kid, he's just like a gigantic paper weight. He's solid and gets a lot of exercise so when he's at a party, I'll let him have things that I don't give him at home like juice, cake and chips and he takes full advantage. I only let him have one cupcake of his own and I know he had at least two Capri Suns and and endless supply of corn chips. I saw him later munching on another cupcake but I'm not sure where he got it. I'm guessing he swiped it while another kid wasn't looking. I'm also not sure why he has a need to sit the cupcake down and lean in to eat it, with no hands. It's just weird.

When Sherry brought the cupcakes out, Owen did what he always does, grabs the closest seat to the icing covered goodness as he can get. I was thankful that he didn't try to take the Birthday girl's seat this time which is his specialty. I also don't think he tried to blow her candles out either, but I saw him thinking about it. He knew I was looking and occasionally gave me a side look and I made sure he knew I was eyeballing him. I like him to know that should he make any sudden moves, I'm all over him.

I think he's grown a bit because there have been more than a few parties where we've had to physically hold him back from the cake. Today, he watched the cake and the Birthday girl like a hawk but never tried to strong arm the cake. Even when she opened her gifts, he left her alone. I mean he played with some of the toys once she'd opened them and he and Max even had a tea party, but he didn't snag any of them from her. I was proud of him. Well, I was proud of him until he ripped Max off of the little trike. Hell,, I was proud of him then too. That is something Owen has never done. He doesn't push kids and often gets the short end of the stick for not being aggressive so when he does do something like that, I correct him but secretly it pleases me. It was certainly no worse than when I cracked Max in the nose today with the wheel of the doll carriage. Poor Max.

Good times. Nothing like observing D Day with a Birthday party. Also, River took two steos today which is a really big deal.

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