Thursday, June 24, 2010

Mind The Gap!

I just love Gap Kids. I think it has become my favorite store for clothes for River. Not so much for Owen because I think a lot of their boy clothes look babyish. I like Crazy 8 for him because they seem to always have great rockstar t-shirts and while they are owned by the same people that do Gymboree (which I'm not a big fan of) it's much cheaper.

I went into Gap Kids this week while I was in the mall returning something and almost everything was 40% off! I only buy stuff there when it's on sale so I was glad to see this. I bought River a really cool pair of overalls, and groovy top and this black pair of skinny jeans and I spent $22! River is the only one in our house that could even attempt skinny jeans but she's totally workin them! I mean they're too big around her butt because she has the tiniest butt I've ever seen. When Owen was her age he was wearing a 3T short and they were snug. Not sure who she gets this tiny figure from cause it ain't me! That shit must skip a generation.

Anyway, skinny jeans, who knew? Finding black jeans is hard enough but black and skinny, almost impossible. Go Gap Kids!

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