Thursday, June 24, 2010

Logan turns 1!

I must have RSVP'd to this party over two weeks ago. The moment I did and up until Tuesday night, I thought it was on Wednesday. Come to find out it was on Thursday right smack dab in the middle of River's physical therapy appointment. I can't justify pulling her out of PT for a party but trust me when I tell you that I'd rather go to a party and watch my son eat cake than watch my daughter NOT walk around my basement for an hour.

So, our friends Laura and Alexa were kind enough to offer to take Owen to the party with them! This is huge because I always feel bad when he has to miss a party because of something that can't be helped. I'm still pissed about having to miss Natalie's party but what are you gonna do?

Laura took my camera with her and was able to take these pictures. I asked her to get photos of Owen strong arming the cake but to my surprise he didn't do that. That's two parties in a row where he showed patience so I'm impressed. I'm not sure what Owen is holding above his head in the 3rd picture but I can't imagine that it ended well. He said he had a great time and mentioned the cake, Sydney, Morgan and baby Ava. He brought an inflatable hammer home with him and I'm sure he'll be beating the dog and his sister with that in no time. On a total side note, I went looking for my camera no less than 4 times while they were gone. Addicted much?

Wish we could have been there but these pictures are the next best thing. Thanks Laura!

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