Friday, June 11, 2010

Just Add Water

I did something this morning that I will be doing a lot this summer. My friend Karen suggested it and I thought she was crazy because how do you do this with two kids, one of which never stays in one place? I decided to chance it and I loaded up the kids and I took them to the pool! While River has been in a pool before, at our friend Laura's house and of course in the kiddie pool in our backyard and the wet banana, she'd never been to this pool and not around so many kids. Laura, Max and Ava were there. Max & Owen had fun and Ava seemed to like the pool but she's still too small to sit up on her own in the water so she's limited.

My worry had all been for naught. Not only did my kids LOVE the pool, Owen didn't try to run out one time and as if that weren't enough, nobody pooped! Now Owen has never pooped in a swim diaper but since River is so different from him, I never know what to expect from her. I put her in her regular pink tutu suit and I swear that thing should be a party favor with the attention it garnishes. Before I even put her in the water someone said she was the cutest thing they'd ever seen and that she looked like a porcelain doll. While I've never been 100% sure what that means, it's a complement, which is always nice. I had to laugh at being worried about River when I rescued someone else's kid from drowning. A bigger boy knocked a kid under the water and she couldn't get her footing. I think she was two and I'd been watching her because I thought the boy was a bit aggressive and sure enough, she went under. I was shocked at how the other moms just watched it happen and I ran past all of them to get this kid out of the water. I don't care whose kid it is, if her face is covered in water, I'm digging her out. I would have been pissed if I was her mother. Not that her mother thanked me as I stood in the middle of the pool holding her daughter but whatever. She must have been from a different part of Anne Arundel County, just a hunch.

I had some worries that with all the kids there, River would get pushed out of the way. I mean there weren't 100 kids there, it wasn't packed but there were maybe 10 kids in the pool at once. I shouldn't have worried because she doesn't allow anyone to get in her way. She barreled through those bigger kids like she owned the joint, and they moved! I think it's the cool steel of her blue eyes and the "you better back that shit up" stare that she inherited from me. Who knows? I just know it works for her.

Also, just an observation but there was more silicone at that pool today than there was water. It was weird. I felt like I was in the middle of Housewives of Anne Arundel County. Women don't think those things actually look real, do they? Here's a tip, if your tits stand straight out and your nipples point in a Eastern/Western trajectory, that's not natural. Get a new plastic surgeon! I'm sure he can redo your boobs when he's working on your "deviated septum."

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