Friday, June 25, 2010

It's Not a Full Day Til Momma Cries at the Pool!

Today I took the kids to the pool. We've done this a lot lately since Owen has been out of school. He starts back on Monday and we were trying to squeeze one extra day at the pool with our friends before summer school takes over our lives.
I had some Birthday stuff to do for my husband so I got that handled early and we rolled into the pool around ten. Some of my girlfriends were coming and bringing their kids as well but we weren't sure what time so we just gathered up some chairs and hung out. Owen likes to play with all the toys that are there and River likes to walk around the pool. I just sit in the baby pool and follow River around wherever she goes. She likes to crawl out of the pool when no one is looking.
Everyone else got there about eleven and Owen was happy when his friends showed up. They all played around in the pool and after I fed River her lunch, we got back in as well. Max and Owen tackled me over and over and they thought it was the funniest thing. Jayce was in his little float and Ava was in hers. I let River play in Ava's float for a while when she had her lunch and she seemed to like it. It was nice to not have to hold her for a little bit but after a while she was over it and just wanted to move around. Two things happened in a very short period of time. Jayce flipped over in his float and took a header into the pool. Angie and someone else ran and got him out and he was fine. i don't even think he minded. As soon as Laura said, "Can you guys keep an eye on Ava while I take Max to the bog pool?" the umbrella that was attached to the table that was shading Ava flips over and starts falling towards her. Laura thankfully caught the stupid thing but there was a breathless moment there. As soon as they were able to fix it I said, "OK, that's two. There should be one more catastrophe today!"
I could not have been more right. After River seemed to have grown tired of the float, I sat it on the side of the pool but River kept reaching for it. I didn't like that she was trying to pull it in and moved it farther and farther away many times. What I should have done was gotten up and moved the float away from the pool, but I didn't. One of the other kids did something stupid and it took my attention for a few seconds. When I turned back around I didn't see River but that fucking float was in the pool, upside down. I scrambled to move the float and she was floating underneath it, face up with her eyes wide open. I'm not sure if I screamed or not but I totally freaked out and in the seconds between the time I first spotted her and when I picked her up, I thought she was unconscious.
I pulled her from the water and she immediately coughed a little. She didn't hack like she really got a lot of water in and she seemed more stunned than anything. I smacked her back and held her arms up while I waited for her to cry or at least start bitching but she didn't do either. She was totally fine. I didn't handle it as well and once I realized she was fine, I started to cry. It's very upsetting to see your baby floating like that.
Needless to say, I was done at the pool for the day. I loaded up the family and we went home. While I can float like a champ and hold my own in a pool, I don't technically know how to swim and I don't like the idea of water covering my face like that so I don't like to see my daughter in the middle of what is basically my worst nightmare. The visual of her floating face up in a pool of water with her eyes open will stay with me. But, she's fine.

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