Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I Need Calgon

Some days are more stressful than others. Today was a bit stressful. Poor River is sick again. When I got her out of her crib this morning she was wrapped up in so much snot that it was running down her shirt and she was gagging on it. I feel terrible for her but I don't know what to do. She doesn't have a temp so taking her in to see the Pediatrician would just be a waste of $15 and it wouldn't do any good anyways. All of our Tylenol was recalled...again. I have some Motrin which slipped through the recall so I gave her an under dose of that. I'm not sure why Tylenol can't get their shit together. They've only been making medicine since 1955! That's only 55 friggen years! If you can't make that shit yet without almost killing kids with overdosing and little metal pieces, please find something else to do. The world needs ditch diggers too.

River refused a nap today which I think she'd done twice since she was two months old, so it just doesn't happen. She also threw her lunch at the dog, plate and all. I'm not saying she was aiming for Veruca, but the plate slid off the dog's back before the gobbled up the chicken and strawberries. This of course means that River didn't eat dinner, another red flag. River usually eats like a horse. She actually eats more than Owen, which is hilarious. Today she ate almost nothing but drank lots of milk and water, so I'm not worried about her becoming dehydrated.

Her mood was vile and what that means for River is that if you do something she doesn't like or annoy her in any way, she will claw you to death and it hurts. It's almost like a quick pinch and claw. I don't know hoe she mastered it but she has and it hurts like hell. I've told her over and over again not to do it but she just looks at me, spit and then does it again with vengeance. This is all new to me because Owen never did it. When he was pissed he screamed, River wants to spread the misery. She totally gets that from me. Yesterday Owen took a toy from River and turned to crawl away, River reached up, grabbed the backpack he was wearing and yanked him to the ground. He laid on his back for a minute before he could put together what happened. They are just different kids.
While Owen isn't sick, he was quite a pill today as well. He didn't take a nap either and I had to take him to the Pediatrician to discuss some issues we've been having. He always looses his shit at the doctor's office and I don't get it. He screams like we're breaking him in two and he is so strong that sometimes I can't get his hands to his sides so she can listen to his heartbeat. If he were getting a shot I could see it, but she was just checking him over. He won't even stand on the scale. How does he think that thing is going to hurt him? I had had enough by the 4:15 appointment and just turned to her and said, "He weighs like 48 pounds." I could pick him up anymore. The day he cracks 50, I'm never picking him up again. I talked to the Dr about the issues and it was uncomfortable, but we made it through. I guess all boys go through these things but me, being a girl, had no idea. Live and learn I guess, live and learn. I DID get to weigh River while the doctor was out of the room. She weighs 23 pounds now! Owen weighed 22 pounds at 6 months so I've been waiting for her to pass that weight. It only took her just under three times as long! I'm just glad that if I have one ginormous kid, that it's my son and not my daughter.
I have never been one to look for approval in other people. I don't even know what that needs is like but I DO notice people who eyeball me when my kids act like asses. I never try to shut my kids up for other people. I try to shut my kids up for the environment. If they're running outside, they can scream all they want, well, until it annoys Momma and then I quietly ask Owen to put a period on it,. If we're at target, I don't allow such behavior, but sometimes Owen forgets himself and I see people eyeballing. My natural reaction is to wait for someone to say something so I can unleash years of pent up aggression on them, but most people don't have the balls. Like this lady in the lobby at the doctor's office today. I know she wanted to say something about River's whining and Owen's complaining. We were on the sick side so I gave them some space to complain. They were both tired and River is sick. I saw her looking at Owen, trying to figure out if he was a boy or a girl. I know the stare, but she said nothing and just looked me up and down. Her Stepford kid was there with her, looking like Hitler's dream. Whatever, I don't raise sheep, I raise children and I silence my kids for no one. So, bite me!
Probaby the kick in the ass of the day was when Owen took his father's hand and lead him into his room and said, "Read books Chris!" and then turned, looked at me and said, "Bye Michelle." He's calling us by our names right now and it annoys me. I'm hoping it will pass. Also, rude!

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