Friday, June 25, 2010

"Hiroshima, It's da Bomb!"

Tonight I took my husband to a Birthday dinner in Baltimore. It's his 35th Birthday so I guess it's a special one. Not as special as say your 40th, but special enough. He'd listed a few restaurants he'd like to go to if I could get a sitter and this sounded the best and we hadn't been yet so I took the plunge and made a reservation.

Michelle was nice enough to watch the chitlins for us while we went to a dinner that we rarely get to enjoy alone. The weirdest thing about the restaurant was that it felt so quiet, creepy quiet. It got a little louder when the band started playing but it was a piano, bass and a straight sax so no one was banging heads.

After I dropped the kids off I got money for the valet and picked Chris up who was wearing the clothes I'd laid out for him. We hit the road and he had no idea where we were going but he sure asked a lot of questions. I threw him off by skipping Rt 10 into Baltimore and driving down to I 97, but he figured out where we were going soon enough.

Whenever we go to a new fancy restaurant there is one question we subconsciously try to answer. Is it better than Ruth's Chris? While I feel I can't really answer that question because I didn't have a steak, we both had prime rib, I can tell you this, that is the best prime rib I have ever had! I couldn't even eat all of it. That thing was HUGE! Since the restaurant is called The Prime Rib, we had their specialty and it really rocked! Between the two of us, we ordered like $100 in meat alone. Granted so me of it is in the fridge, but I feel like I ate a year's worth of meat. They also had lobster bisque my which is my favorite and it was excellent!

After we'd eaten our dinner, talked about Sarah Palin (yack!) and they cleaned off out table with one of those things that looks like a straight razor, the waiter brought Chris his dessert. The waiter carried it over and as he did they guy played Happy Birthday on his straight sax which I thought was awesome! It sounded beautiful!

I had strawberries for dessert because Chris's birthday dessert was chocolate mousse, which I am no t a fan of but I could imagine if you're a fan of chocolate, it was probably pretty good. Chris thought so so we got one to go for Michelle. Hopefully she's a chocolate fan as well but I think I'm the only one that doesn't like chocolate.

When we drove out of the city we found ourselves on MLK Boulevard, always a treat in any city. Again, it felt like the back lot of The Wire. I was waiting for someone to yell, "Hiroshima, it's da bomb!" It didn't take us long to get past all the able bodied males on almost every corner and get back to 295. I never really like driving into the city. No idea how I ever spent so much time in one when I was in school but it was enlightening.

The best compliment my son can give you is to freak out when he leaves your house. It means he had so much fun there that he just doesn't want to leave. Since he'd whined about not being able to see Sydney at the pool this morning, I knew he'd be up for spending some time with her. Chris had to carry him dead weight and all to the car and he cried all the way home. I knew he was tired when he was whining about his shoes, which I thought I'd put in the bag when we left but I didn't. Chris had carried him to the car so we didn't put them on his feet. BIG MISTAKE! Owen doesn't like to be shoeless when he leaves the house. This is funny because I hate wearing shoes and don't if the option makes sense. We actually had to dig out some old sandals and let him wear them around for a little bit so he's relax. It was weird. Michelle's husband Brian was nice enough to drop Owen's sandals off on his way into work, which I appreciate.

The best compliment I can give you is to leave my children with you. Michelle and I have a lot of differences but I think she's a good mom and I trust her with my kids. That's all I really need to know.

Happy Birthday Baby!

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