Friday, June 18, 2010

The Good Wife

This morning, because I'm an excellent wife, I loaded up the kids and we went to the mall for some Father's Day shopping. There is only so much you can do on Amazon so we took this show on the road. We also needed to exchange a Tow Mater truck Owen got for his Birthday at The Disney Store. It was given to him by Laura, Grant and Alexa and he loves that thing! He didn't know or care that it didn't work right but I wanted to get him another anyway. It has a red laser that you point towards the ground and Tow Mater follows it. It's pretty cool. Now I just have to make Owen understand that you don't point red lasers into your sister's eyes. We're working on it and for the record, TDS let me exchange the truck and gave me no grief like you would get at say, Target.
I told Chris we were going to the mall and asked if he had any last minute requests. He listen off a couple of items that could easily be found at Borders and then said, "Oh yeah, get me a pretzel." Easy enough. I'm not really a fan of those things but I know he likes them and so does Owen.
We get to the mall and we always park in the Nordsrtom garage by the elevator. I don't feel 100% safe at that mall because of some things that have happened there so I like to park near a door. Granted, those things happened around Christmas, but still. As soon as we park Owen starts in, "I want to push the button, I want to push the button!" Like I've ever once pushed the elevator button when he's with me. I think when River is old enough to push the button, they'll scrap over it, but for now it's all him.
First stop, The Disney Store. We exchanged Tow Mater and I bought Owen two cars from CARS. He loves those damn things and freaked out and throws himself on the floor when the lady takes them to ring them up, every single time. She even opens them and gives them back and he acts like he's been personally offended. We then went to Boarders to get some things I can't mention and while we're in there, he heads back to the cafe and snags what I'm sure was coffee with whipped cream on top. I wouldn't know because by the time I got to him, he had downed the liquid portion and was lapping at the cream. I chastised him for running away and snagging a freebie without permission and then we continued to look for something upstairs for Daddy. We were looking near the Twilight section so I gave it a gander, like I always do. I'm talking to Owen the whole time and when I look up, he's got another one of those rinks in his hand and he's licking the cream off! I don't even know how he got it unless he's throwing his voice. I grabbed that cup out of his hand and threw it in the trash which totally pushed him over the edge. He threw himself on the floor and started screaming. Nothing pissed me off more. I bent over and picked up all 48 pounds and took him into the bathroom and basically told him to put a period on it. There is no need for that behavior when you're bitching about something you knew you weren't supposed to do. What, he thought I was going to stand there while he drank what was basically an espresso? Negative.
After we loaded up our Father's day loot, we started back towards the car. We had to make one more stop but it was on the way and I knew it would be an easy one. Chris said if I left the mall without this treat that I shouldn't come home, so we stopped at Auntie Anne's to get a pretzel for Daddy. I decided to get him a pretzel dog as well because I knew he'd like one for lunch and I WAS NOT stopping by the Amish Market today. River was starting to get fussy and actually pinched me a couple of times. She was getting hungry and she is all kinds of mean when she's hungry. We had to wait for the pretzel dog to cook so I got the kids a pretzel and some water. I thought it would be an easy split but they both moaned about the amount they were given. They both watched closely as I dived it up. Like I was holding out. They're lucky I gave them any at all. River has never had one. Her sweets come from fruit. Neither one of them needed it but I knew they were hungry and I wanted something to hold them over til lunch. This may not be revisited.
I took these pictures as we were waiting. I love the crumbs all over River's face as she glowers at me. I can tell she'd scratch my eyeballs out for one more bite. Sweet, ain't she? Owen's wearing his Nashville flood shirt that I bought for the family. It was nice to buy something where I knew $17 of the $20 I spent went right back into the neighborhoods where I grew up.

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