Sunday, June 27, 2010

Excessively Lazy Sunday

Last night was weird. As soon as the guys left for the city I put Owen down. It must have been around 3 PM which is two hours later than I usually put him down so I had no expectations that he would actually sleep but he was clearly exhausted from his morning of running around screaming and eating everything in the house so I thought it was smart to give it a try. He moaned a bit but ended up falling asleep until almost six o'clock. River who I put down at one didn't make a peep until about five thirty which meant she probably laid in there for a while before actually falling asleep, which isn't odd since there were a lot of people here and we were pretty loud.

While Owen was falling asleep I put all the food away and stacked the dishes to be washed. I'd had a crappy night sleep the night before so once I thought he was asleep I crawled into bed and fell asleep so fast that I barely remember laying down. When I woke up two hours later both kids were still out and I look like I'd slept on rocks. I must have been exhausted because I don't think I moved the whole time but I sure felt better!

I let the kids sleep til 6, knowing this would push back bedtime but there aren't worse things than dealing with my kids after you wake them up. River throws punches and Owen just whines. I was in the mood for neither and if they were as tired as I was, I understood. So, we had a late dinner of left over party fruit and chicken and played and watched TV for a few hours before I gave the kids a bath which is so easy because they love it. I just have to watch out for Owen who likes to go from one side of the tub to the other many times, sometimes knocking River over. She just laughs. Needless to say we all went to be pretty late. I think I put River down at 8:30 and Owen down just after 9:30. They're both usually in bed by 7:30 on a good night, bath and all. I have trouble sleeping when Chris is out so I was up til almost 2 AM writing and watching TV.

I woke up this morning at about 6:30 and to feed the dog and let her out. The kids were still asleep and Chris wasn't home yet so I went back to bed. I woke up again at 8:45 and freaked out a little cause it was so late and started to worry that the kids weren't breathing, Stupid, I know but I always do that when they sleep for too long. As I threw myself down the hallway I heard Veruca bark so Chris got home, looking like someone beat him in his sleep, just as I was getting up.

The kids were fine and we had breakfast while my husband kindly took a shower. He went back to sleep and still isn't up. It's 12:45. I am tired so I'm waiting for him to make an appearance. My oldest angel starts summer school tomorrow so we need to drive to the school so I'll know how long it will take. I'd almost like to prepare myself for the area it is in. Not that I have reason for concern but I just like to know. Oh, it's 1:10 and my husband just woke up. Whoo hoo!
*EDIT* he just told me that he's going back to bed. What the hell kinda rockstar is that?

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  1. LOL - sounds like a wacky night and day. I am so structured with mine and my kids sleep schedule, that it would take me 2 weeks to catch up from a night like that. You have a beautiful family!