Monday, June 21, 2010

Double Dutch Bus

I heard this song on the radio on the way home from the pool today. I haven't heard it in ages but I still remembered every word. I use to skate to this when I was eleven. Without even looking I bet it came out in late 1980/81 . I'd put on my white roller skates (the first and last time I ever put anything white on these feet) with the pink poof with the bell in the middle and show my ass at the Nashville Skate Center. I'd wear my favorite shirt with the sleeves that flapped in the wind as I flew past all the haters. Momma would drop me off there on Friday nights. I have no idea why because that place was an infestation of girls who stole Virginia Slims from their mother's and smoked them incorrectly because they thought it made them look cool and boys who thought they were extras from the movie Grease. I was also the queen of Space Invaders, with my skates on. I could beat anyone no matter their footwear.

I had my first kiss there and even took a hit from a cigarette which I thought tasted like burning dirt. I remember there was a boy there who I thought was much older but he was probably twelve or thirteen and his name was Frank MaCelroy. I think I thought he was cute because he looked like Ralph Macchio and he had big teeth and a small upper lip so when he smiled all of his teeth were exposed. He also wore really dark jeans and always a button down shirt that was tucked in. His jeans were inhumanly tight but hey, we were just a year or so out of the seventies so I give him a break in my memories. I have no idea why the teeth thing stuck with me. They must have been BIG. This is forcing me to Google him. I'll see if it turns up anything.

This video was made for Dutch TV back in the day. It speeds up the song a bit but it's so cheesy that I had to include it. It makes me giggle. Anyhoo, Double Dutch Bus, still kicks ass!

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