Saturday, June 26, 2010

Chris's Special Day!

Today my weeks of planning came to fruition. I got up early and prepped for this party that my husband didn't know about. I got the kids up and let him sleep in. That's the deal in this house. You get to sleep as late as you want on your Birthday and him being in bed while I got stuff in the over could only help me.

I'd almost gotten the sweet cornbread in the oven when I heard his rumblings. I needed to tell him something so I decided to tell him I needed him to run to Giant for me to get a few things. That would get him out of my hair while I finished the deviled eggs and put the icing on these kick ass cupcakes. I gave him a list and after a shower, he was off. I should thank Karen for the icing recipe, totally worth making my own icing. I will never buy store bought icing again! I even coloured them in Virginia Tech colours for the guys.

I'm not the best liar and I had lied so much to him over the last few days just to keep my secret that I couldn't remember what I had told him. I knew he didn't know about the Orioles game and I knew he didn't know about the hotel so I gave him just enough to get him to Giant. I figured when he got here his parents would be pulling up any minute with his sister and her daughter and maybe he'd think that was his surprise. While that is a nice surprise I knew what he really wanted was to spend some time with his friends but I wanted to watch him suffer when he thought it was just family. It was funny.

After his family arrived and we hung out a bit the guys started arriving one by one. It was nice because they're all great guys so it's always a joy to see them. They couldn't all go to the game but I waited for the ones who could to get here so they could tell him. He was surprised by it all and happy that we'd been able to pull it off. BT was a big help in getting the tickets for the game AND finding a hotel room. I wouldn't have known where to begin with either of those things so I appreciated the help.
Owen ate his weight in Doritos and cupcakes and even woke up whining "cupcake" while still in bed. I told him if he got up and ate his dinner, which was already on the table that I'd let him have one after he was finished. I went to get River up while he went in to eat his dinner. After I got River up I came into the kitchen to see him sitting on the floor, eating a cupcake, dinner untouched. The nerve!
Now the house is put back together, the food is put away, the kids are bathed and in bed, I am sitting down with a drink while I get pictures from a phone of one of the guys. The one above was the most tame. Now I can go to bed, get some sleep and wake up tomorrow and get back to what's really important, planning MY Birthday!
Today starts the only two months of the year where I'm only four years older than Chris. In August it goes back to five. Simple pleasures.....

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