Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Bad, Bad Decision

Sometimes I make bad decisions. Today I got my bad decision delivered via The United States Postal Service. I'm all about the funny and can usually find humor in almost anything. I found the humor in this when a Caplan sent it to me but something I didn't notice when I bought this shirt for my three year old was the joint behind her ear. Who makes a shirt with pot on it for a 3 year old? OK, this is for a 6 year old but still, who does that? Finding that gem kinda makes me hate the whole thing or at least I'm a lot less excited about it.

I have always loved The Wizard of Oz. It was the first book I ever remember reading by myself and I have literally seen that movie over 100 times. I would come home from school when I was a kid and watch it every single day for ages. It wasn't like we had Tivo back then and Days of Our Lives came on at 3:00 so I'd miss half of that. The Wizard of Oz was always there. I collected Oz things for years but stopped when I had kids because their things were more important and I have toyed with the idea of selling some of it. Not the special stuff, but some of the things I could part with. I was even afraid to see Wicked in New York because I thought it might ruin the movie by making me feel sympathy for the Wicked Witch, but it didn't. I loved it and we saw it again on our honeymoon in London.

So, once I noticed the joint behind her ear which I'm sure is for purely medicinal purposes, I grabbed my Sharpe. I knew before I bought it that because of the whole gang thing that he wouldn't be wearing it outside of the house anyway but I would NEVER give my kid a shirt with pot on it. I have coloured that joint over and over, with many layers of black and I think you can almost not see it but if I can't get it to go away completely, I will throw the shirt away which I have a feeling I will end up doing anyway. It was only $10 and maybe that should be my lesson that not everything is funny, just most stuff.

Poor L. Frank Baum must be rolling in his grave over this one.

I also must go on record with the fact that my husband told me not to buy this in the first place. He was right. God I feel dead inside.


  1. I am so sorry Michelle. I will relay the post to Chuck, he will be pissed too, I didn't even see the joint until you mentioned it. Weird.

  2. Oh no! I'm so sorry Michelle. I had no idea.

  3. Oh stop! I didn't know either and with the help of my trusty Sharpe, you can't even tell it was there. It didn't crush my expectations because he was only wearing it in the house to begin with.

  4. I think I can "one-up" your story. I once bought a cheap T-shirt and wore it to work on casual Friday. It was just a gray shirt with a medium-sized logo on it. Little did I know it was a marijuana reference. I think it was the logo of some maker of "tobacco" pipes or something. I was so embarrassed when it was pointed out! Okay, so it wasn't a kid's shirt but it was still a bad, bad decision!