Monday, June 7, 2010


River's been a little sick for about two weeks now, She's been snottastic and just a little mean butt that's about it. She hasn't had a temp, a cough or anything else that would make me overly worried. Since everything Tylenol and Motrin has been recalled it isn't like I would have given her anything anyway.

Yesterday at a Birthday party I heard River cough once or twice. It surprised me because it came out of nowhere but I didn't hear it again so I blew it off. Today as we sat at breakfast, biding out time until it was time to leave for Owen's first dental appointment, River let out a huge barking cough that sounded eerily similar to Owen's many brushes with Croup. As soon as we got out of his appointment I called his Pediatrician's office and got her an appointment.

The doctor looked in her ears, which looked fine. Neither of my kids has ever had an ear infection but because so many of our friends have had them, I always watch for the tugging of the ears, but nothing. Then she looked in her nose and said her nose looked pretty bad. Apparently River has a sinus infection. I'm so glad I took her in because I almost didn't. If it wasn't for that cough. The problem is that when my kids are sick, they don't act sick. River gets a little handsy but that's about it. I've seen Owen with a temp of over 103.5, running around the house singing so it's tough to tell. So, River got her first antibiotics today! I can't believe she made it to over 16 months with no medicine. Owen had Croup so many times when he was a baby that it felt like an out of town guest that refused to leave.

The family went to Giant (my 3rd time entering their doors today) and got River her medicine, which was free. That's the first time we actually got something that was on the list. Hoo-hoo! While River and I dropped off the prescription, Owen and Chris ran into our friend Karoline and her dad Jamie. Apparently Owen refused to talk to her and acted like he was shy which always makes me laugh. Just last week he ran up to a complet stranger and yelled, "Boats and Hos!" He needs to get some game cause he talked about her all the way home. All he had to do was say, "Hey red," but no! He talks about her when she leaves. "Karoline was wearing a big red hat!" Yes Owen, we know.

Also, I love when I ask them to give us any flavor except cherry. "Oh, your kids hate cherry?" "No, I do. The smell makes me sick." They look at me like I'm crazy but cherry flavoring is just vile. Let's say I kiss my babies and their lips taste like cherry flavouring? Makes my stomach hurt just thinking about it. I can't be the only one who thinks that, right?

Seriously, that first picture, is that the face of a sinus infection?

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