Thursday, June 17, 2010

Am I Missing Something?

I realize that there is such a thing as police brutality. I get that but then there's shit like this. I also realize that racism is alive and well but then there's shit like this. I don't care what colour you are but when you act like an asshole, you're just an asshole, nothing more. There is nothing deep about you or the person behind a camera trying to give validity to your bullshit by telling everyone how wronged you are. At the end of all of it, you're still just an asshole.

When you don't live in a big city I can see how thinking stopping someone for jaywalking sounds like a joke but in the middle of a downtown metropolis, that stuff stops the flow of traffic and is illegal. You don't get arrested for it, but you'll get a ticket and I have no problem with that. If these girls were capable of keeping their mouths shut, that's all that would have happened and if the officer hadn't been white, this wouldn't even be news.

We'll hear cries of racism from many, including Al Sharpton who I refuse to call a Reverend because he is everything that is wrong with religion and in my opinion is a gigantic lump of shit. When I think of Al Sharpton, I think Tawana Brawley so he will forever be the piece of shit entwined in that story. I can't understand why people still hold onto him to add validity to their grievances. It's kind of like how OJ all the sudden became black when he was being tried for murdering two innocent white people. He had run from that shit for years and dated every lilly white woman he could find but all the sudden he became the poster child for the wrongs against black America and ended up getting away with murdering the mother of his children because she was white and he was black. The juror who put his fist in the air as he walked form the courtroom all but confirmed that. Fifteen years ago and I'm still pissed off about it. I've never heard one intelligent person tell me that asshat was innocent.

Anyhoo, this woman was asking for it. If she'd just not been an ass about it, it would have been over but she wanted to show her ass for these people who seemed to be all over the place. Are there no jobs in Seattle? Don't these people work or do they just stand on the corner with their cellphone cameras waiting for danger? While I don't think it's always the best idea to crack someone in the mouth, it seemed to have worked cause that bitch disappeared after that, didn't she? I mean she turned up over by the bus stop licking her wounds but it worked. It wasn't like he punched her for resisting arrest. SHE PUSHED HIM! If I push a cop, I expect to be arrested, period. I'm not going to then claim that the officer doesn't like chunky chicks! I think he handled himself pretty well for a guy surrounded by such hostility and anger.

If I hear this cop got fired for this, I'm going to be pissed! We're going to Seattle in October so I'll have to keep a look out for these skanks. I found myself looking for street signs so I'd know not to stay near there. While I couldn't see any street names I did Google Philly's. Here's a shocker, it's on Martin Luther King Boulevard. That explains so much. MLK Jr, most non violent man I can think of and streets named after him are always in the shittiest neighborhoods. I don't get it. In ANY city MLK Boulevard is always THE most unsafe place to be. Why is that?

I think the cop should have let those crazy chicks go and grabbed the guy with the camera phone and shoved it up his ass. "Are you serious? Are you serious?" SHUT UP!

Tawana Brawley:

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  1. I COMPLETELY agree with your post. There was a large and possibly dangerous crowd forming. Were you aware that the young lady who was punched had been previously arrested for assaulting a police officer? Yes. She was arrested for kicking and spitting at a cop. Did anyone cry racism then? Hmmm not so sure.

    She was out of control and if she were white, I'd feel the same way. An out of control citizen is an out of control citizen.